Jameson Williams sidelined with a minor leg injury

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The internet has become unbearable. All over social/some headlines … “Jameson Williams out with leg injury” and the dude has an ingrown hair or something. Smh …

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Hate that he’s missing any reps. He can’t afford to be out for long.


Hopefully he will get a lot of playing time in the preseason.

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Agree 100%! That said… doesn’t it alarm you a tiny bit that it’s him?

He didn’t come back from the ACL very prepared mentally to play last year…. I know the social media stuff regarding Goff/Lamar got overblown, but it still happened…. I know the penalty for the sports betting was absurd, but he still did it, and the was the ONLY remotely high profile player involved. Then there was the fireworks video his dumb ass posted, and now he tweaked some after 1 day of jogging?

When it’s all said and done he will have played in less than 100 snaps out of 23 games. The first 10 games he missed were expected…. The almost nothing he provided in the 6-7 he was active for, and the off-season decision that cost him about her 300 plus snaps to start this year…. Like it or not it’s becoming a pattern.

Guys last year talked about how he’d challenge them to a sprint and not even stretch. He’s been faster than everyone his whole life, and I’ve yet to see desire to train, improve and be a great teammate. Hope I’m wrong.


1st or 2nd day of practice in training camp. I’m sure the staff is keeping him out to be cautious……especially after the CJ scare.

Well I think your wrong, Jamo is learning how to be a pro and has been working at it, this injury is just a excuse to come on here a bring up a bunch of past stuff that he’s been seen and heard that he had worked on.

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Agree with the premise he’s always been the fastest, so hasn’t ever felt the need to put in the extra work of someone like ASB. I mentioned this last year as a limiting factor on his NFL potential. Everyone in the NFL is the best of the best when it comes to physical gifts. It’s the work that allows guys like ASB to succeed.

I really hope, for his sake, that his time with ASB has been eye opening.

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if this keeps up Jamo will be released.

Nothing, absolutely nothing that happened in 2022 means anything in regards to what type of player Jameson Williams is. Why play him at all last year? We weren’t playing for anything and he was always a 2023 pick. They were just getting his feet wet in the NFL…he wasn’t playing because he couldn’t or wasn’t grasping the offense. And the suspension is a joke.

Go ahead and judge him if you want. But there is literally nothing to see here. Jameson was the best WR in his draft before his bowl game (a pretty loaded draft too). He was injured and received a bogus suspension. When Jameson gets on the field regularly this seasons and fails…then by all means, tell us all “I WAS RIGHT.”

He is a rookie…he was always going to be basically a 2023 rookie. This constant criticism of a guy who basically had a redshirt season is laughable.


Jamo going to deep
Can’t wait for it
Keep the grumblings going until then, will it make it that much sweeter


He’s floor is Desean Jackson…I’m not even remotely worried about him.

Got a dude talking about playing 100 snaps in his first 23 games lol…the manipulation of #s and truths is astounding! But same dude loves DJ Chark…you cant make this stuff up.

What do you think about
Marvin, Mims, and Green

Holmes replaced DJ Chark flawlessly on the low

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With more reliability, and long term potential.

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Even if Jamo makes it to the HOF it still won’t make up for the fact that Brad Holmes traded a 5th for Trinity Benson and a 6th. That trade is going to cripple the organization for the next decade.

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It was the desperation that caused the concern

Holmes learned from his mistakes Benson, cutting Riley.

Except that Overzealous for a DT Levi pick…hope Brodric isn’t the same result

One thing I’ve learned watching the nfl over the years is never be surprised. Once upon a time, Stafford was a bust who couldn’t stay healthy after 2 years in the league.

So, Levi and Jamo making the hall of fame for sure!

The opposite is also true though, guys with unreal success early in careers often fall off the cliff quickly.


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