Jameson Williams’ speed wows: ‘If you can’t run 4.2, you better start backing up



Still got to catch it when thrown too.


He has 2 drops…
less than Ja’Marr Chase had in a single preseason game.

Eat Kenan Thompson GIF by NBC


Optimus 9 will not fail because of hands, speed, or any other physical reason.

Keep your head right = dominate… period

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If he catches 2 out of 4 targets and scores two TD’s I’m ok with 50% until he gets everything down.
If they chose not to cover him fully.

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This isn’t a guy that needs to have a 65% catch rate to make a huge impact.

D-Jax had a 56% career catch rate.

He also had over 11,000 career receiving yards.
He averaged 17.6 ypc and had 58 TDs.

Please just get the ball in his hands.
Deep ball, reverse, jet sweep… I don’t care.

Give him the DAMN ball….


Ja’Marr Chase also had more catches last week on the 1st drive then Williams has in 6 career games with the Lions.

Heck, JaMo has dropped more than he has caught in his 6 games with the lions.

Now we have DC openly questioning if the can trust JaMo to be in the proper alignments, run the proper depths on his routes, etc


Dan is a Parcells disciple… he likes to use the media to motivate players. Jamo was able to run plenty of different routes at Alabama… and had plenty of chemistry with Bryce Young to be where he was expected to be on routes.

I am confident he can be a complete WR… and I am certain he can be a weapon even if he has a limited route tree and they have to feed him manufactured touches.

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You are gonna break your TV when the Lions win the division aren’t you???


It could also be gamesmanship. Lowering expectations for the fans and opponents before unleashing the kraken! :+1:

Someone needs to tell the Reddit community to come here.

Or better framed, come home.

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I was expecting Jamo to be eased back into the offense this week. Maybe 10-15 snaps.

Then I listened to Monty on St. Brown’s podcast. Monty was like a kid in a candy store talking about how Jamo changes the offense and what they can do with his speed.

Worth a listen if you can find the podcast. I think @Sofatso posted it somewhere this week.

Actually NO I will be busy wiping the tears from my eyes after 31 years.

I apologize for being skeptical on JaMo. I have been here in the past 36 years with every WR that has been drafted in the 1st round. He has not impressed me in the time he has played. Hopefully he will change my mind and not be a washout in 3 years


I would be floored if Jamo washed out of the league. To me his downside is a Ted Ginn type career. My concern is him reaching his true upside. He has top 5 WR potential, IMO.

Jamo’s must-see TV. Looking forward to Sunday already.

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Jamo isn’t Chase and that’s okay. If he’s our Wesley Walker we’ll be just fine.

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Mike Wallace is a good comp actually.

  • honest question…. If Jamo can’t become “dependable” and causes ints by running wrong routes, and gets benched…

Will you all blame….

-1 Pro Bowl QB- for not getting it to him somehow

-2 Coach of year candidate for being too strict, and refusing to give in to the pure speed in lieu of efficiency or reliability?

-3 Holmes for reaching for a raw and immature kid, and banking on one physical trait?

-4 Jamo for not talking his life changing opportunity more seriously?

  • for me the answer is easily 4…. If they don’t throw him a single pass Sunday, I won’t blame them. If they can’t get him the ball all year, I won’t blame them…. They’ve shown they can manage to use Tom Kennedy, and showcase Josh Freaking Reynolds…. If Jamo can’t be heavily involved, it’s not Goffs arm or DCs stubbornness.

I would blame Holmes some as Jamo will only fail if his apparent immaturity gets in his way. Holmes has constantly talked about only acquiring their type of guys and I would be disapointed that he didn’t realize Jamo didn’t fit.

I personally really liked the Jamo pick when it happened and still do.

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Great comments from the St. Browns and David Montgomery about Jamo’s speed.