Jamo Blocking on ARSt.B TD

Jamo needs some credit here. He comes in ahead of ARSt.B, leaves the guy he knows is not a factor and lays out #54 and disrupts the Tampa bunch beginning their pursuit. He did the selfless dirty work.

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That was Craig Reynolds who made that block tho…:man_shrugging:

Actually I thought that was Josh Reynolds lol. Gonna have to watch again to confirm. But I noticed the same thing, wisely left the first guy to attack a guy further downfield.


That was reynolds.

Right you all are. It was #8 not #9. Josh did a great job.

But it wasnt Josh, it was Craig…:man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

He’s not talking about Craig’s block, he’s talking about the one right before it.

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Ahhh, ok, my bad

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