Jamo Full Presser

Reporters were just being asses, hell it gave me a new look on Jamo I thought he handled it good. Kids seems like he just wants to play football and be out there with his teammates.


Well… thankfully not stuck with the big clown any longer…


Yup - for sure…to all of this.

He’s handling it, addressing it. There’s definite apprehension. There will be fire inside of him when he gets on the field. He has something to prove and you can see it. I love that this guy is on our team. I DO actually expect an occasional tantrum moment when things don’t go his way.
Hopefully not this bad…

Jamoss definitely can mature some more (did with this experience).
Also → Thankful we have him. Dude is gonna be a beast. I really think he is a shorter randy Moss. IMO, that’s what his game film looks like.

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Yup. This helped him. Sucks that he misses games over it, for sure…but it helps him mature.


Y E S …it was the most important positive to take away from it.

He will never have an issue with gambling again. His “way of being” can improve though. I can see him being upset by other things. The next challenge for him is not getting enough balls. He has been the superstar his entire life…now he’s out there with a run first system that has other targets and Gibby on it. Let’s see how he handles that. He WILL want the ball more.

Love that he’s on our team and he is a massive weapon. He will mature.
How much?
How quickly?
Perfect culture for him to grow in.


Yeah this was my favorite part, they kept pressing him on gambling and he told flat out. He’s not a gambler he’s a football player.

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