Jamo Full Presser

With all due respect to you @Jah26 , that’s not what O’hara asked him. He asked how he felt about NOT being able to play in the opener. Jamo didn’t hear the whole thing and didn’t ask him to repeat it. Just blew it off and tried to clown him. Which made him look like a clown.

Sorry guys, I’m teetering listening to this whole thing. It’s around 6:40 for those who don’t want to invest the 10 minutes.



Who cares?

Jamo misheard the question, answered it, joked around a little bit by saying “this guy over here”. O’Hara reclarified the question later and Jamo came back with a full response about it how much it sucks.

Jamo didn’t look like a clown. It’s a non-issue. But here we are, once again, with a small thing Jamo does getting turned into something by fans. This has zero effect on him being on the field, so I don’t care about it.

I gave Jamo a bunch of grief for his suspension because it legitimately has a negative effect on the team. But people repeatedly dogging him for stuff that literally means nothing: appearing pissed off at the draft, Lamar Jackson tweet, this, etc is silly.


Stand by my words. Was the O’hara thing a mistake on my end? Sure was. But I still don’t like the vibes. I’ll be more than happy to eat crow come week 7 and I’ll be his biggest supporter.

But this is the first time I’ve “dogged” him (which I admitted to) other than the same as you how the suspension hurt the team.

Maybe I’ll change my mind tomorrow but I do wonder how @BigNatty reads this interview.


Some of those reporters looked like clowns, or jackals.


I thought this was great, he answered everything and really seemed like a chill dude who wants to succeed in the NFL.

But my big beef is where the hell are the Lion’s staffers, no way do I let Jamo answer questions for 10mins on all this stupid shit


Maybe, just maybe there’s a residue of hope this guy’s going to grow up one hell of a lot quicker than I had to

I applaud the kid


I don’t know what else you could’ve wanted from this kid in the interview. He faced numerous questions, followups, etc regarding off-the-field things. He repeatedly took accountability for what happened Re: suspension, and tried to turn the conversation to football and returning to the field repeatedly. Media continued to press the issue to talk almost exclusively about the suspension and Twitter. It wasn’t until almost 3 minutes in that Justin Rogers asked the first question related to actual football in what Jamo is trying to accomplish before the start of the season.

I don’t know why we’re trying to focus on the negative stuff that actually matters. Why not highlight 4:25 when he was asked about embracing Detroit?

“Oh Yeah - I love Detroit. They love me! Everything about Detroit I love. It’s a real great city. I just look forward to doing real big things for the city, playing ball for the city. You know, taking the city to another level!”

Which of course, was followed up by another inept reporter asking about Jamo liking the tweet about Lamar Jackson. Despite Jamo responding to an earlier question about social media where he basically said he hoped people don’t look too much into it because social media isn’t real life - it’s just Twitter.

Absolute dogshit questions by the media throughout.


I just finished listening to every second of that… The media was really trying to ■■■■ with him and get him to say something stupid. He passed that test well.

I’ve probably been too hard on Jamo about the gambling stuff, he’s a kid, barely 22, was seriously injured and made a bad decision. I like how he accepted it and didn’t start making excuses when the media kept asking.

I think any Lions fan who has been hard on him should watch that full interview, he sounds pretty motivated to me and is a likable kid.

I’m drafting him early and often in keeper leagues. .


I believe the clowns were on the left and the jackals to the right…


So… stuck in the middle with you?


Yup, its Miller Time!


Jesus. Leave the kid alone. He was getting grilled by the media…how many different ways can he answer the same damn question……for real some of the questions the lions media asks are just dumb……the iheart radio girl was annoying as hell. He is a kid who clearly isn’t used to people grilling him and asking dumb questions about his social media likes. Give the kid a break. It’s a non issue. Some are looking for reasons


Disappointed in Jennifer Hammond. She had an agenda. Besides her crap, I think Jamo owned up to the situation. Mistakens happen! These cats aren’t Jesus Christ! I bet Hammond has a lot of dirty laundry.


The Detroit media owes Jamo an apology after that mess. I get the need to ask the questions, but they asked the same iteration of the question multiple times to try and coax a noteworthy headline.

He seemed to get uncomfortable after a little until they asked a couple football related question.

He honestly seemed like a really good kid. Someone who is owning a mistake despite not knowing what he did was against the rules at the time. after watching that interview I have a lot less concern about him long term.


Wow talk about gotcha questions. Shame on the reporters for trying to get a kid, who is currently being punished, more punished.


He is VERY anxious and avoidant. When he’s confident of an answer, he appears much more direct energy…muuuch more centered/grounded response.

You might say…“well isn’t everyone?”
Some people can own the fact that they are insecure, nervous, don’t know an answer, etc. There is more gravitas to your words and energy when you own whatever it is you are experiencing.

JaMoss is deflecting energetically and some of it isn’t even conscious. He’s nervous AF for many of those questions, and he smiles when he’s nervous as a coping mechanism. He is being charismatic/smiling/coy-type energy…as a deflection technique.

He’s not meaning to make fun of anyone, he is like a skittish woodland creature that takes flight at the first time of fear. He avoids himself and his own actions, feelings, etc. He’s not comfortable with the consequences of looking at HIMSELF!

He is significance driven. None of this surprises me. Good thing he gets his significance from football. There is a lot of tuff buried in him…some can hurt us, some of it WILL help us. He has somethign to prove big time. He is going to have moments of embarrassment. He will. Hoping he matures as a player.

I really would love to be on teh Lions staff to handle stuff like this. I’d have him ready for a press conference like this one, because I would have him ready to own himself like he never has before. Man training. Not coaching on what to say like a. “media handler”…coaching him on how to BE…be himself, be a man, own his shit, and also own the ■■■■ out of his awesomeness (because right now he doesn’t).

Jamo is trying to talk himself into thinking he is awesome. He needs to value himself as a man more, not just a football player.

We all just want to feel okay, and he is no exception. He needs to know he is amazing even if there was no such thing as football. Then the football comes easier.

Our entire team could learn from Sewell. My fav energy of all of them. Him and Ra!


That was an inevitable and tuff scrum
Hopefully that line of questioning slows up now

In some respects it seems like he’s taking the attitude that he can’t do anything about it, so he’s just going to focus on the future and better days

Good enough in my mind
The rest of It will be “prove it” stuff
He seems to believe he will …
We shall see


I don’t disagree really with any of this… but I would add…

Jamo alludes to the fact that he has been talked to… (which I certainly would have expected). People learn what it’s like to go through the wringer, by going through the wringer. No amount of talking/teaching about how to go through the wringer, or what it’s like to go through the wringer, is a complete substitute for the experience of actually going through the wringer. Jamo’s wringer begins for real week one… when he desperately wants to be out there with his boys against KC; and in a way it’s already begun… in minor ways like having to get in front of the media.

What I heard was simply a young man who realizes he ■■■■■■ up, and he realizes he’s going to have to face the consequences as they arise, even if he doesn’t yet know how all those consequences will feel and shape him.

I personally appreciated his candor, uncomfortableness even… I sensed his submission to the process and consequences, his willingness to learn as he goes, and one might say… humility. He made a strong, positive statement about how he sees himself (identity)… “ I’m not a gambler, I’m a football player”. I think in the future he’s going to be much more careful to stay inbounds, and probably not even flirt with the sidelines.

We’ll see…


The media questions were ridiculous. After the third or fourth social media question and the 7th or 8th question about gambling which were all the same damn question like many of you have already said, I would’ve said “I answered that question already, next question.”

I like how he called out the elephant in the room though, they were all tiptoeing around the social media “likes” and he just said he likes Goff, wasn’t saying anything about him and wasn’t advocating for Lamar Jackson. He just came right out and addressed it which was really good I think. Also loved how he said “that’s just social media, this right here is real life.” He seems to understand that separation a lot better than many people.

The Detroit media loves to crucify certain players for a story or series of stories, they find their sacrificial lamb and run with it as long as they can. Jamo isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

He’ll be fine and can’t wait to see him in week 7.


You really want to let Lions staffers “protect him” from this? I mean, its just part of today’s stupid media crap - try to coax a headline. Everyone has to face it, including Jamo. I think he came out in EXCELLENT shape, and now, since he went through it, and scored an A+, he’s better for it. You gotta let him take his lumps. I can’t stand “helicopter parents”, and I certainly don’t want a “helicopter staff” coddling and protecting our players.