Jamo, per Campbell

Has a bit of an ankle thing going….he’s day to day, nothing too serious.

My guess is he sits on Sunday and is 100% ready for the playoffs…


I hope he gets out there. I don’t want to push it too much but he needs reps reps and more reps.

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Yeah, Campbell said his ankle was “ok.” He rolled it against Dallas. He sits on Sunday and comes back 100% for the postseason. He’s going to be critical against the Rams or Pack.


Actually wasn’t too worried but glad for this news

I wouldn’t be over the top surprised if he suited up vs Minny, tho odds are he might not


He played his part in that game. Where he was really valuable was when he dropped 150 and 2 TDs in the NFC Championship Game to get us to our first ever Super Bowl!

I should mention that I know this because I found the hot tub time machine, and it works. I hope I didn’t alter history by telling you guys this future information.

Stand Up Comedy Netflix GIF by Bert Kreischer

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If you didn’t say it now, it wouldn’t have happened in the future … :thinking::flushed::boom:

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Sit him and let green get his run

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Good to hear. He’s starting to be fairly productive the past 3 weeks. Gonna need him in the playoffs