Jamo, Teddy and 'Leaf interviews (Teddy KILLS it)

All 3 did a good job, how many times can the media ask Jamo about feeling pressure in a row?

Teddy murdered this, this is EXACTLY what you want to hear when you bring in a veteran backup and especially at quarterback.


Never seen an interview with Teddy. Seems like a really cool dude. Good energy on the team.


Full 'Lif here. Love it. But if you don’t feel like spending ten whole minutes of your life, just be lazy and skip to the 5 minute mark. What was said about the receivers room is outstanding. Just a great interview overall.



Gotta say Jamo is a likeable dude; doesnt really seem a like a cocky diva type, but does seem to have healthy confidence…I really hope he put’s it all together when it’s for real go time this season.


That as a great set of interviews! Loved hearing from all 3!
Bring me another shot of blue on the rocks :champagne:


Love his attitude here. Seems very positive, jazzed even. Definitely a kid.

Really too bad he’ll miss all that time. He needs to be with the guys, working alongside the likes of ARSB, working on his craft.

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Great stuff. Teddy was awesome. Jamo came off like a guy that’s really buying into the culture. Loved seeing st brown join in the interview. Leaf is a guy I can’t help but root for. So many good things going on in camp right now.


Jamo - “No pressure. No pressure. I was born for this.”
I absolutely love hearing him talk like that.
He’s going to be okay, I think.


No. He’s not going to be “okay”.
He is going to Absoloutely MURDER ASS!!!


Wow, first time I’ve seen Bridgewater interview as well. Just this interview alone has changed my mindset on him. Great personality, very well spoken, comfortable in his skin, and I love the way he talks about mentoring. And you can tell he has that leadership quality in him when he was talking about bringing the young guys over after practice to run some additional sets. I’m starting to think this dude may have some coaching aspirations and abilities when he decides to stop playing.


There is a sense of urency here, after last season, guys are aware of what they have here, how they finished last season.
There is a sense of urgency, you feel it from the players and from the coaches.

That urgency is why you are here Teddy, I hope you still have it on the field.

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Still listening to the Teddy portion of the interview, he brings up JT Barrett, completely forgot he was on Detroit’s staff.

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JaMoss is gonna do this thang!

Love how he is getting so close with RA!!!
You guys that think he’s gonna fail are crazy AF.

“I was born for this”
He believes it in his heart too.
Dude is growing up in front of our eyes too.
A lot of the words he speaks are what he’s been coached…translation…buying in.

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Me too. I can’t see Ra getting that close (they obviously are friends) if Jamo had any turd characteristics.
And Jamo like Teddy and Teddy wants to push him to where he’s never been pushed before?
Love it.
Look for good things from Jamo!
Teddy’s first pass in practice Monday was a 20 yard completion to Jamo.

Very good sign for sure. St. Brown probably has the best work ethic on the team. I think having Marv in the WR room this year will help too. Having a 10+ year vet in the room can’t hurt.

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And we have hosts on 97.1 taking the comments by teddy as an indicator of concern for jamo as well. Really getting tired of the jamo radio

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Don’t worry. The this way better than anything we seen.

Teddy on Jamo - “I’m going to start some things that he’s gonna hate me for”. So good to hear.
Teddy and Lif on Mo Alexander (Hard times) - incredibly hard worker. Working so hard he pukes in the huddle but continues with the next play. Awesome, man – Alexander has a chance, but that might mean AG (the other AG) or Drummond is out.
All of these dudes are rock solid.

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Very interesting answer by Teddy. How does the reporter not ask a follow up question on that response?


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