JAMO today?

Did Jameson even suit up today? Just checked - he had 1 rush for 4 yards!

and 0 catches on 1 target. WTF?

Why is he not more involved?

What is the barrier?

It’s ridiculous that they don’t have more plays drawn up for him


I was with the team as far as easing him along when he was making mistakes. Jamo has been playing well and there is no reason not to scheme him some more opportunities with the ball.

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Jared was cold.

Spending the resources to trade up for Jamo was a massive miss by the front office

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I am a Goff supporter but he doesn’t have the arm. Jamo is not a great receiver but he is under thrown every god damn time.

I think Goff has the arm strength but he doesn’t want to throw it until he sees the read is open. But by then he can’t generate the power for the throw.

It’s amazing how little PI we draw.


You can run comebacks and smoke routes, hell we don’t even run slants with him


They will have Jamo returning punts before they ever figure out the passing game part of it.

Yes, since they were befuddled by their QB into thinking he could ever take advantage of what Jamo has to offer - namely, insane speed.

I don’t know how hot Ben Johnson is now his offense has been figured out. We continue to under utilize Gibbs and JAMO who we drafted in the top 13. I am definitely worried for the last four games, we need to win at least two to win the division.


We haven’t consistently driven the football the length of the field before garbage time in weeks


Since LAC off of a bye and that was what six weeks ago

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I don’t think we have to worry about Ben getting another job. He has been ass for the last month and our 3rd quarter offense is the worst in the league.

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There’s really little reason for Jamo ever to be on the sideline in 3 WR sets. He on the field alone is a bigger threat than a screen to Kalif Raymond. I like Kalif as a depth player but come on…he isn’t half the threat that Jamo is.

Shit Jamo would on the field in 2 wide for me as well. Josh Reynolds and Kalif are just solid depth players. They aren’t the type that should be out snapping Jameson Williams by a landslide.

They are fumbling this scenario about as bad as a team can.


This is starting to remind me of the complaints about Steve mariucci not calling up plays for Mike Williams. Not giving the stud enough playing time, or not utilizing his skills.

Guys, jamo is not good right now. Does he have a physical skill set that you hope he develops into a good wr? Yes. But right now he is an incredibly soft, bad route runner that really can’t get separation unless he’s running in a straight line and he’s schemed to keep hands off him. Honestly khalif Raymond probably deserves more reps. At least he can give us some of the speed threat but can make tough catches and get open on quicker developing routes.


We’ve had opposing views quite often, but I always respect your takes.

Yes Jamo is being underutilized, and Gibbs too…. In a vacuum that is…

Decker hasn’t been right since the ankle, Jackson all year, clearly Rags, and Big V never was this year or last.

We had a max protect, pound the rock, under center offense that relied on TEs to block. Goff had a league best TD ratio, was among the leaders in passing over 20 yards and QB rating. We had a top 5 offense.

  • we used shotgun a league low 51% last year.

Now we’ve taken the TEs out of pass rushers pro, tried to feature a 199 pound rookie RB who can’t block, list some key OL pieces, and operate 80% of the time from the gun.

The 170 pound WR, 199 pound RB, banged up OL and shotgun 4 WR are exactly what we shouldnt be doing.


He’s the only wide receiver creating separation that doesn’t require a windows throw

He doesn’t actually run go routes that often

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And this is the problem. Goff needs an ultra clean pocket to be comfortable. He’s as big a statue in the pocket as anyone in the league. And he gets rid of the ball faster than anyone in football. His lack of toughness being a statue is a major problem.

Really hard to justify paying a QB 50m per that also needs to have an elite OLine to protect him because he is incapable of making plays on his own. Goff needs the most expensive line in the league to justify being a 50m dollar QB…good luck fielding a team good enough to be truly competitive with that formula.

One of the best QBs in football should be able to have success with an offensive line that is outside the top 10/inside the bottom 15. And on most days, our line is definitely inside the top 10. 50m dollar QBs shouldn’t be completely reliant on what’s around them.

It all goes back to my point I’ve made the entire way…what QBs have worked out after getting paid? Aside from sure fire HOFers…every single one has crashed and burned. Unless someone considers Kirk Cousins (never won a playoff game???) a success story. I sure as hell don’t!


Spot on. By the time goff reads Jamo open its to late. He doesn’t have the arm to get it there. Every throw to Jamo is behind and usually off target. At first I thought it was Jamo but after watching more games. Its Goff. Especially if Goff is even the slightest bit off platform he throws wobbly ducks.


I’m not going to pile on Goff, but the signs regarding him not throwing to Jamo being a Goff problem at least as much as a Jamo problem have been there for a while.