Jamos route running

Anyone here have an solid opinion on how Jamo is doing as a route runner?

The scouting reports out of college were somewhat contradictory. Most generally saying his route running needs polish, a couple saying they were raw and full of poor technique and yet a few waxing about how brilliant his routes are

It seems on Reddit opinions on Jamo are less about thoughtful analysis on Jamo rather more of a foil to reflect how people feel about Goff

To all the Goff bashers Jamo is a brilliant shooting star only held back by Goff. Any criticism of Jamo is an inverse excuse for Goff and must not be tolerated.

Reismans feedback on the All22 was met with scorn because he’s ’just a writer and not a scout’

Even here - Some people weren’t impressed with the All22 noting a lack of route diversity, fighting through contact and little other than simply running straight. And often he was ‘open’ well after the play was over

Yet for some he’s an underused juggernaut flash who is open at will and if only we had a QB who could throw accurately. There doesn’t seem to be much opinion in the middle

I’d like to hear someone with credibility and objectivity do an actual analysis on what’s going on there

I have no credibility but I’ll give it a shot.

Jamo is fast as hell and we need throw him the damn ball.


Herman has a really good take on where things stand right now.



Jamo is improving a lot.

Watch St. Brown when Jamo makes a play. That’s very telling. His teammates love him.

Do we want and expect more? ■■■■ yes we do as fans.

But Jamo is trending in a very good direction

He’s now played in 16 games which is essentially 1 rookie season.

I actually think he’s gonna go wild in the playoffs and next season.

More experience. More targets. And from all accounts he’s working his ass off these days.


This may rule me out…

…but I can give you this.

I think their skill sets need to be orchestrated together, because they dont’ naturally align.
I think the truth is in the middle
I have seen times when Jamo turns multiple directions looking for the ball…& clearly doesn’t know where it’s gonna be placed. → in those scenarios, I would massively give the benefit of the doubt to Goff, in them not being on the same page. GOFF KNOWS THE ROUTES/OFFENSE/PLAYBOOK…to a perfect T…I promise.

I have seen Jamo have ot come back to balls that are undertown…I think that’s a timing thing and that Jamo can outrun any “normal” QB’s arm strength. It can work, but it has to be more calculated. Only recently has Jamo been earning Goff’s trust. Goff has to trust him and let that MF’r fly well in advance, in order to lead him. If Jamo makes a rookie mistake, that could look like a mistake on Goff’s part, possibly even a pick…We know Goff is very risk averse in his approach, so the is a conflict in styles. Both can improve, when it comes to getting on the same page…AS WELL AS Ben. Johnson is hopefully working on this already. I know he’s building thier chemistry, because they went to Jamo so often early last game, even in pressure situations. IMO, that’s Johnson tryin to build trust between them. Jamo has earned more of a chance, but he still needs ot earn more trust moving forward too.

Goff needs to trust him and let that MF’r fly early…just let Jamoss run under it.
Watch Randy Moss highlights…then Watch Jamo’s college highlights. By far reminds me more of Moss than any other WR. I think we should explore using him more that way.

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Yeah. I think it’s clear him and Goff need more time together. He’s had such an untraditional beginning to his career that it’s hard to judge. I soured on him early on, but I’ve warmed up to him as he seems to be progressing.

As for how he runs routes: if he was a shit route runner, he would not have been slotted as an early first-round pick; if he hadn’t torn his ACL, he probably goes top 5. Brad would not have gotten that excited if all Jamo had was speed. The entire league is fast. And Jamo is skinny.

So the logic would be, “this kid is skinny and fast but sucks at running routes.” Well, that describes every top receiver in DII and DIII, and they’re UDFAs, so it doesn’t add up.

I think the draftniks have taken an absolute beating recently, especially with regard to Brad Holmes. They’ve lost immense credibility, and in many ways, been unmasked as frauds who couldn’t hack it if an actual NFL team asked them to scout.


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The biggest indicator for me is the snap counts, and the last few weeks he’s been getting the WR2 snap volume.

If the staff didn’t trust him to run the right routes or generally do the right thing then he wouldn’t be out there, we know they wouldn’t hesitate to have Raymond or Reynolds out there instead. So my assumption is that Jamo has earned the snaps because he’s improving.



If you are a lions fan and havent seen the improvement with Jamo I don’t know what you are watching.


He had 4 catches last game. I think he is getting better


Asinine thread. The Lions don’t have a QB that can throw to speedsters.

Really though…the fact we are celebrating a 4 catch and 40 yard performance shows just how much Jamo needs to grow. To date his hands and balls skills are not where you ideally want them at. His route running just isn’t crisp or precise. The deep ball Goff threw to him vs Denver could have a completion if he didn’t adjust his route trajectory to the middle of the field. Goff was clearly trying to lead him away from the defenders and Jamo drifted in. I will say he’s talented enough for the wow play here and there and we’ve all seen it. I suspect he improves but how much?


While this is a fairly level headed take, I think there has to be some context as to why a lot of fans are happy over such a mediocre performance. It’s that he has been steadily getting better and better as the season has gone on. Every week he gets a little more snaps and is seemingly doing the little things better and better.

He is a special talent. The big plays will eventually come just by his god given ability. When he can routinely do the simple things is when he will start to round into a much better all around WR and potentially a very dangerous weapon. I think we will have to wait until 2024 to hopefully see that. He just needs to keep showing steady improvement as we close out this season so he proves he is ready to really be counted on in 2024.


There is this aspect that he still needs to develop more (knowing where to run open too in relation to what Goff is seeing), and he needs to improve on the crispness of his routes. I know I will take some flack for this take, but all you have to do is watch Jamo go in and out of breaks and then watch St Brown and compare the two.

It’s not a knock on Jamo, it’s just that he has some room for growth. If he gets these 2 areas nailed down then watch out, he will terrorize opposing DB’s

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Sometimes when you throw it to the fast guy, he can score a touchdown because he is fast.


Can’t Goff and Jamo both improve and the chemistry improves like it did 4 days ago.

This whole 1 vs the other is weak sauce.

Real weak.

I dont see it that way, personally.

I just think one guy is a 8 year vet who can run a offense and understands timing and routes. And the other is a guy who is very raw and has some catching up to do. Sure Goff can be better (anyone could). But I’d venture its Jameson who has much morw growth to do.

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Jameson confuses me. He’s definitely fast and obviously has loads of talent but seems to be a different receiver completely than his highlights in Alabama. It’s like he forgot how to run routes…

It really just looks like he is a 12 year old at Sam’s Club running down the candy isle. Loads of speed and joyful enthusiasm. But you don’t see him setting up defenders, high pointing balls, fighting at the point of catch…

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But, man! Is he fast, and agile with the ball in his hands.
I was hard on Jamo until just recently. He’s made huge strides!
He is a real WR2. Which is what we need him to be. St. Brown is clearly #1.

The one i have notice with Jamo is that he constantly looks for the ball on the defenders side. As an example he had a missed pass because he put his hands out toward the defender and looked for the ball that way. Goeff put the ball on his outside away from the defender. Hands and eyes the other direction and the ball is caught.

Jamo needs to understand that any good QB is going to go away from the defender and not toward him.