Jared Goff Bounce Back Player of the Year? Dose of Dion Video

I will give credit to the Lions for having a lot of good youtuber reporters. Better than the Rams for sure.

I like this guy Dose of Dion and here is his latest video on Goff bouncing back: Jared Goff In Position To Bounce Back In 2021: Shock The World? - YouTube


I believe in Goff.

I think he’ll do juuuust fine, possibly amazing.
This Dion dude is getting better. He was much rougher not long ago. I feel like he’s learning a lot about football, and taking it seriously.


I watch his stuff talks a little fast but most of his points are not bad.

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Deon is a hype machine! Been a subscriber pretty much from the beginning. I like a lot of his stuff, but, he is excited. About everyone.:rofl:


I subscribe to him as well. I like his enthusiasm and I think he is getting better with slowing himself down a bit. I don’t watch everything, but when I do he typically has good points and has done his homework.

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I’d go to Warwick with that guy

I am pretty sure that guy has a light form of Autism. I have a good buddy who has to autistic kids. One is high functioning and one is low functioning.

That kid reminds me of his high functioning child.

As for Goff…… I think he’s going to have a tough year without any real WR’s but I do expect him to show glimpses of his real potential.


Goff is pretty good at distributing the ball around and rarely plays favorites. I think the Lions need 5-6 guys that can be dependable at certain routes and levels. It looks to me like the Lions have guys that can do well enough.

T. Williams = Watkins
St. Brown = Woods
Cephus = Kupp
Swift = Akers
Hock = Higbee
J Williams = Brown

The Lions offense matches up well with the Rams ++ likely better OL, TE, and there are some guys like Bolden and Raymond that could surprise.

I think that’s a realistic expectation.

I think the scheme that is implied by the personnel and ALynn’s history will be a good fit for Goff. I suspect that he’ll look better just by the scheme not relying totally on him. Get the ball to Swift and Hock, and make the D pay when Perriman and Williams get behind their defender.


I mentioned in another thread that I was worried about having 8 in the box, or a “run blitz”, when other teams played us. Interesting thing about this video is that you start it too late, go back to like the 4:00 mark, he talks about how the Lions played wide on the edges and blitzed the inside LB’s and gave the Pat’s a blue print for how to beat the Rams.

Seems we all noticed he is slowing his verbiage speed down. He getting better and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get a gig somewhere for what he does…

I mentioned in another post that I wouldn’t be surprised if our RBs were in our top wrs categories… and here he is thinking our TE and RBs could lead the way… I am thinking more now that that is part of the bigger plan for Goff starting out…

Man, if we beat SF!!! :crazy_face::crazy_face::heart::heart::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::pray::pray:

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He packs a lot of substantive content into a short period of time.


Imagine if the Lions upset SF at home, then go on the road and beat GB at Lambeau (sans Erin).

2-0 baby!


Yep - until proven otherwise baby!!

Every time I watch film on Goff… I become less impressed with the Rams offense around Goff in 2020.
This is a little lengthy… but I just can’t believe that there is not more talk about how the Rams were a much better team in 2018 because the O-line as better and Cooks was huge in their success.

The 2020 o-line was not very good. I watched every snap against the Jets, and they were terrible.
Even though Whitworth was out with injury, it was Blythe (OC) and Corbett (RG) who were owned by Quinnen Williams, Nathan Shepherd, and John Franklin-Myers. The Rams only got back into the Jets game after Q. Williams left with an injury.

When the Rams did have the ball late in the game, McVay opted not to try a 54 yard field goal that would have tied the game with 4 minutes remaining. Even though a 54 yarder is no gimme, Matt Gay was 1 for 1 over 50 yards and 8 for 9 over 40 yards. a tie game would have completely changed the strategy for the remainder of the game. Instead… the Rams went for it on 4th and 4… didn’t get it… and the Jets ran out the clock. I think it was a poor coaching decision.

When the Rams did actually try to throw the ball down the field in that game… their targets were the TEs and RB. They tried a slot fade to Cam Akers, a slot fade to Everett, and a play-action pass set up for a wide open Higbee… which Goff couldn’t throw because the protection failed within 2 seconds of the snap. The WRs were all running hooks at the sticks, and the DBs just squatted on their routes.

Defenses figured out what the Rams were doing, and the fact that the Rams had no deep threats. Time and time again… you can see coverage just sitting on short routes.

In this picture… the Bears have 6 guys in coverage within 5 yards of LOS… and only 1 deep safety.

Check this out against Green Bay… 8 players drop… but not 1 of them is deeper than 14 yeards off LOS.

Here against Bills… 1st and 10. Bills have 10 players within 6 yards of LOS… and play action pass fails to generate a decent downfield look. They had vertical routes with Kupp and Reynolds, and Goff was forced to check it down to the RB.

And… of course… the infamous Dolphins game with 11 defenders within 9 yards of LOS.

Now… take a look at 2018 defenses against the Rams.

Chiefs show pressure… and have 9 guys within 5 yards of LOS on a 1st and 10 play.
1 of the safeties is 10 yards deep, and the other even deeper.

But… even though they have run action with a HEALTHY Gurley… the safety origianally 10 yards deep has dropped out of view to at least 14 yards deep.

When Goff unloads the pass to a WR 20 yards downfield… there are 4 defenders that are 12+ yards deep on that side of the field alone… plus 2 more on the other side of the field not in view. They had 6 guys over 12 yards deep, and another was at 10 yards!

Why is that?

Brandin Cooks is 40 yards downfield… within 5 seconds of the snap!!!

Here is another play… that was 2nd and 5 at the 25 yard line.
The Vikings start with 10 guys near the LOS… but within 4 seconds of the snap… the Rams have 3 WRs >20 yards deep and the Vikings have 5 guys deeper than 20 yards.
And… yes… that is Cooks at the top of screen… 35+ yards downfield drawing the deep safety away from Kupp so he can catch the pass.

It is very hard to find any video of Rams WRs running >20 yards downfield in the 2020 season.
Cooks caught 80 balls for 1200 yards in 2018 and provided the deep threat they missed in 2020.
And people wonder what happened to Goff’s stats?


Good stuff! That is what my eyes saw as well. 2020 line was not a top 15 line and had frequent breakdowns.


Here is another play from the Rams/Chiefs game that shows just how important Brandin Cooks was to the Rams offense in 2018.

Pre-snap… Cooks is lined up on the LOS towards top of picture… with Josh Reynolds being the WR outside of him. Notice that Chiefs safety Ron Parker (#38) is showing a 2-deep coverage at the 25-yard line… 15 yards off LOS.

After the snap… Cooks runs a crossing route. He is at the 37 yard line in this blurry pic… and Parker has moved up in a “lurk” role to cover the crosser… and is now at the 33 yard line… 8 yards closer to the LOS to account for Cooks.

The Chiefs were in a cover 3 zone. Eric Murray (#21) starts the play lined up watching Cooks… and ends up playing the deep middle safety lined up 17 yards deep. Within 3 seconds of the snap, Murray is 28 yards deep and out of this picture. You can also see that Reynolds (top of screen at 28 yard line) ran a 12-yard dig… which should not have threatened Murray in the slightest bit. He got depth only because of the perceived threat of Cooks!

All of that attention to Cooks… and his 3 yard crossing route… has left safety Daniel Sorensen as the deep 1/3 against Gerald Everett, who has beat him on the go route for the winning score.
Murray (#21) was so preoccupied with Cooks that he is too deep and still in middle of field.

Both of the 2 deep safeties were taken out of position by the speed of Cooks.
Rams had no player in 2020 that made safeties back up in any way close to that.


How deep do you want your Safeties to drop when all the WR’s are within 5 yards of the LOS?

Again, Goff has barely hit the back of his drop and the WR’s aren’t 3 yards off the LOS. All of the DB’s are in press coverage except one in the slot, so why would the DB’s be deeper than this when they are in press coverage?