Jared Goff--first Lions QB to go 6-straight starts without producing a turnover

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has not thrown an INT in 219 consecutive passes. This establishes a new franchise record and serves as the longest active streak in the @NFL
. He is the first Lions QB to go 6-straight starts without producing a turnover. #OnePride


He hasn’t been sacked for the past 3 games I think. Shout out to the Oline, RBs, TEs. WRs too for catching and some luck.


it really is a tale of 2 seasons with our schedule. at the beginning I thought it wasn’t too bad a schedule but holy crap

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Definitely! The Lions’ schedule at the beginning of the year was slated as the second easiest SOS. In reality, they have played the fourth most difficult SOS up to this point.


To me this SCREAMS that Goff IS the long-term here. I laugh at people thinking the Lions are going to draft a QB high in 2023.

I did flirt with the idea of drafting Goff’s replacement for about a week but that doesn’t make sense.

And now that we have James Houston, Hutch and Romeo drafting an edge player makes no sense. We also have Charles Harris too.

Goff is the guy here for at least another contract.


Shhh. It’s a draft trade strategy to let other teams keep thinking that.

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That’s probably not necessary. Who do you think MCDC was sending a message to when he said to “let it loose” yesterday?

There are a measurable percentage of posters here that range from “still looking” to “we have our franchise QB”. While I think you’re right that Holmes & Co think they have their franchise QB, I wouldn’t find anyone else’s opinion on Goff laughable.

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I think so too.

And if the Lions win the next three, any remaining doubt will be removed.

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Well-said. Just looking at how the numbers broke in the Goff poll, he has earned a lot of fans’ confidence. Even with too much room for interpretation for what a “franchise QB” is, we’re still looking at 2/3’s of the board ready to ride the Goff bandwagon, especially after the next 3.


Another interesting stat, the Lions are 3-1 outdoors this season. I’ve seen people say Goff is a “dome QB” but they won in NY twice and Chicago. The loss was in NE.


Mostly sunny



Precipitation: 0%

Humidity: 32%

Wind: 6 mph

Charlotte, NC


Mostly sunny

saw that winds were gonna be around 11 mph for the game

regardless, not the coldest game that weekend (Alot of games are gonna be playing in freezing weather, will be an interesting week for football)

I can think that Goff is the current long-term QB for the Lions. But how long is a long-term solution?

But I have no issue taking a QB if someone falls. I just do not want to see our pick from the Rams be pick used to do it. But taking a flyer on a potential next guy isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

But there are still holes that need to be filled. QB2 is not the highest priority for me.

Why does @LionsPR hate Stafford?

This is an amazing QB stat folks! Six games with 0 turnovers.

Goff was playing poorly early. 2nd half pick sixes, sack fumbles and all that. But we need to recognize how well Goff is playing right now. The OL is also playing well too. Goff is playing Campbell football right now. Take your shots, make smart decisions and don’t try to do too much. Perfect. What I hoped Goff would be able to do here.

I laugh at people as they seem to not want to acknowledge what Goff has just done. This is a franchise record. Amazing. And we are now winning.

I want this defense to be built now. Give me a top rookie DT now to add to this mix. Add a top CB and add more safety talent. From there keep adding good young viable NFL players to the mix and this team might be good for years to come.

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