Jared Goff helped lift Lions to new heights, but paying him will make it tougher to win

That’s not necessarily true given that the Lions have a window of about two years to get it done before more salary cap prohibitive contracts must be entered. But, it’s also a function of good drafting. The Ravens, year after year after year, manage to stay in the hunt (despite losing FAs left and right), due to good drafting. The latter is the key–great talent at low locked-in prices.


you guys will see Holmes masterfully manage the cap and draft

The Debbie downers will absolutely have things to find and complain about as some of our favorite players start becoming cap casualties though.


2024 and 2025 season
Goff, St Brown, Sewell and Hutch.
All 4 will be under 30% of the total cap.

26-28 will be over 40% closer to 50%

Which they could EASILY rework contracts to make that work.

But these next 2 seasons are the BIG window.

26-28 is the small window

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If salary cap continues to go up like it has, the contract won’t seem as bad. I’m just not a fan of paying Goff that kind of money. He had me eating crow the last few years, here’s to having me do it again.


Debbie Downer Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

We all know a few Debbies. Could literally ruin a family picnic on a beautiful sunny day. :joy:


This guy claims no team has paid their QB more than 13% of the cap and won a SB besides the Chiefs.

What he fails to mention is teams like the 2021 Rams who were carrying dead cap from the position as well.

The Rams were paying Stafford 22 million against the cap in 2021 and a dead cap hit of 22.2 for trading Goff

44.2 million for the QB position was just over 24% of the cap


We’re literally one of the favorites in everyone’s eyes (THEE favorite in my eyes) to win the SB, and people are still bitching about the GM.



I’d rather be in the position of paying our own guys big money than having to bring guys in. It’s the price of being successful and paying sooner instead of later will save us on the cap


"paying " Goff will make him feel like he has arrived in the League and is one of thee most loved and wanted players in Detroit ! I think Goff will rise to new heights, play harder and more focused and with more power especially in 2024, NOT make it tougher to win. Jared will be on fire to help this team and prove he deserves that pay .

Oh -and “bridge QB” my ass.


Right on 100%

We will have to start kicking the can at some point, but it will be the result of paying our own players. Guys that we know fit our system and style of play.

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Feel like this can be said about anyone lol.


The three players who got PAID this off-season are the least likely to regress in any way because of the new money. That’s how they’re built.


Also interesting to see how much the Netflix deal ends up being for.
Cap will be over 300m in two years, in four years where will it be as the league plays more international games which leads to more European and S American rights deals for streaming.


I agree with this 100%, Goff doesn’t come across as a “I got my payday”, he has a chip and wants to show he can win a SB.


Not in my mind. Goff has earned this pay day. He delivered something that no other QB has in the last 30 years or more with a 12 win season, a division title and two…count ‘em TWO PLAYOFF WINS! Not every QB has to deliver such a feat for a pay raise…. Stafford certainly didn’t have to (I really hate to drag him into this but I feel it’s necessary this time).


agreed. Winning the SB is what gives McVey and others the “up yours” response, chip will remain there until he does that.

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It’s not like the Lions are going from a rookie contract to what he’s going to get. I’m pretty sure Purdy is getting paid less than the California minimum wage, what will they say when he gets a new contract?

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When I heard the number announced, I honestly said “$212M, not bad.”

The real number is the $170M guaranteed. It means that we’re not moving on from Jared for 3 years because no one would take the contract unless he’s great (in which case, why move on from him).


I am waiting to hear the whining and complaining by the masses when Purdy signs.

And let’s be clear. If they do not sign him and boot him I might actually feel a bit bad for him. I am not a fan but I think he is making like 500K

Wait I need to go look that shit up

Ok almost 1M a year.

That guy must be losing his mind. And I 100% expect them to strong arm him into a cheap deal. His is one I am waiting to watch.

We are in this position bc of Brad, Dan and Goff. Why not trust their process.