Jared Goff Home/Away Splits

I posted this in another thread, but thought it deserved its own thread.

Jared Goff @ Home
62 for 251 - 64.5 Completion %
17 TD’s
3 INT’s
104.8 Rating

Jared Goff On the Road
101 for 154 - 65.6 Completion %
2 TD’s
4 INT’s
81 Rating

I know we have beat Jared Goff’s future to death. My point in posting this is to show the people who still have some doubts about Goff have good reason too. I don’t know of any Lions fan on this board who doesn’t want Goff to be “the guy”. I would say the majority of us believe Goff deserves to be the starter in 2023.

With that said, he has to get better on the road for this team to take the next step. People keep bringing up the injuries we suffered earlier in the season, and of course that plays a part, but Goff played Seattle without Swift, St. Brown, Chark, and Jameson and lit them up. That was at home though. Goff has shown throughout his career that he struggles in the face of adversity. I am hoping that Campbell and Johnson can keep building his confidence up and he can overcome that, but this is a massive concern for me.


That bodes well for Sunday’s game against the Vikings and against the Bears.

However, the sample size is relatively small due to the injuries at WR which had the Lions, at one point, with Kalif Raymond, Tom Kennedy, Maurice Alexander, Brandon Zylstra, and Stanley Berryhill seeing snaps at WR. There’s not many QBs who could make that group look good.


We have three road games in the last 5 and have legitimate playoff hopes, especially if we beat the Vikes. These games are going to be huge for Goff as we are about as healthy as we could possibly be on offense at this point. Time to show up.


That really is kinda mind blowing. 17 TD’s at home and only 2 on the road!?

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My guess is part of that is probably big games from Jamaal scoring inside the 5. Regardless it is still pretty shocking.

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J-Will does have like 10 TD’s from 1 yard out. These WR’s gotta stop getting tackled on the 1.

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It also has a lot to do with the Lions having played only 5 road games… and 2 of them were against top 7 defenses at the time when ASB and most of the WRs were hurt.

That leaves 3 games on the road.

They have had 7 games at home already.


Jamal’s splits are 8-6 (home/away).

3 of the away were at Giants

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Goff’s splits by games

0 at Giants, Jamaal had 3
0 at Cowboys and Patriots ( 2 bad games for us)
1 @ Vikings and Jamaal had 2 that game

That 2 game stretch on the road was brutal, only 2 field goals


Looking at the splits… it’s pretty clear when he has healthy weapons, look out!


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