Jaren Hall 2022 Midseason Highlights | BYU QB | 2023 NFL Draft Prospect

Listed as a dual-threat QB by Rivals.com but he doesn’t seem to run much.


171 263 65.0 2,101 8.0 19 3 68 153.7
189 296 63.9 2,583 8.7 20 5 67 156.1
31 46 67.4 420 9.1 1 0 36 151.3
0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0.0

He has plenty of athleticism……

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Thanks for sharing that, seems like a more than capable run threat.
Did you notice that I’m pretty sure everyone of those runs were to his left. Wonder why that is?

He anticipates and throws accurately. He moves really well. I haven’t watched him live and I haven’t seen his lowlights. He looks comfortable and far more aware than JG in the pocket.

Thanks for sharing. To my untrained eye, he looks to be at least in the top 5 or 6 QB’s. I like that he only runs when necessary and seems to know who is around him.

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Well that isn’t saying much , Jared has a hard time remembering to just step up in the pocket.

I’ve liked Hall for awhile now and in fact of the about-to-be-25-year-old QBs, I prefer him over Hooker, at least for the cost. He’s just very cool in the pocket, nothing seems to rattle him, and he’s great at throwing off structure (I think a baseball background will be something everyone looks for in QBs going forward, and Hall has that). Very good arm too and naturally accurate, though he could stand to shore up his footwork a little bit which might even improve his accuracy.

His processing and decision-making could use some work but I don’t think it’s cause he naturally struggles there, he just needs more experience. And you think with his level of calm he’d have no problem improving.

He is small, though. Not to Bryce Young levels but smaller than Zach Wilson. And he’s got the injury history to show for it. Size is just another metric in the overall evaluation so I don’t let being small dissuade me from a guy, but when it’s combined with his injury history it’s definitely something that will have to be looked into.

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I was going to ask if he was older. Does every BYU player have to go on the Mission or whatever it is?(no disrespect, just not familiar with it)

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Only if they’re Mormon. Zach Wilson didn’t for instance. I don’t think Jamaal Williams or Allgeier did either.