Jason Cabinda on 2 Point conversion and “deception”

Gotta be one of the laziest takes I’ve seen. Anyone who really knows football and knows about plays like this knows that sending only one OL to the referee for a 2 pt conversion where the defense is stagnant and can see everything going on is like telling on yourself pre-snap. https://t.co/l0TVAmBknY

— Jason Cabinda (@jasoncabinda) January 1, 2024

League needs to ban trick plays/ deception so no one gets confused. Should also stop keeping score while you’re at it.

The Lions did everything right. The league is a complete and total disgrace.


@MartinMayhew we may disagreed on a few topics but you ■■■■■■■ nailed this one

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I generally like Jason Whitlock, but my man misses the entire boat on this take.

C’mon Jason :roll_eyes:


I said it gameday, they send both tackles because that 's how the play is drawn up before the game. Sending both tackles allows them to at that time call the eligible tackle to the side of the field they want against a particular defender/set. Whitlock is just not thinking much and letting his mouth run…


Oh, was that his mouth?:astonished:

Jason Whitlock is notorious for saying shit simply to get a rise. In this case, it worked.

He’s 100x as obnoxious as Skip Bayless, yet about 100x dumber when it comes to sports. It’s clear he’s never done anything remotely athletic in his entire life.


His take was terrible here but he did play D1 football

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