Jauan Jennings

I was listening to Nate Tice’s final episode on the Athletic Football Show :cry: and Robert Mayes brought up this idea.

It really would be a perfect fit IMO. Perhaps the best blocking WR in the league. Would be our got to have it Dig merchant. He wouldn’t need a ton of targets so he doesn’t effect the Jami plan.

But would the 49ers trade him to one of their top. Conference rivals? At what cost? They just tendered him as a 2nd rounder.

On one hand he seems like an indispensable player to them. On the other hand he’s now a #4 going into a contract year.

Let’s say it was a five next year and a conditional day 3 pick in 2025. Would you do that?

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We absolutely cannot spend next year draft capital to try and improve this years team… all these projects we have and we keep giving up draft capital! When will it stop


But why?

Tre’Quan Smith provides the exact same thing, with probably with better receiving upside and he’s already on the roster.


I am of the belief that while he does all of the intangible things we love at that position, the Niner offense makes him look better than he really is, much like it does Purdy.

Now we would offer some of the same strengths - other players would take the coverage, he’d be at best our #3 option and probably more like #4 or 5, the chance to show off his run-blocking - so in that sense I think he’s a fit and would probably fare almost equally as well, but I also think we can find all of that elsewhere and for cheaper.

If he was a FA I’d be all for it (well, depending on what he cost). As a trade target I don’t like it as much. I honestly think we can get 90%+ of what he would bring us from DPJ.

You are much higher on Tre’Quan Smith than I am it seems. I think he’ll be lucky to make the roster, and I certainly don’t think he’s in Jennings’ tier as a player. I do agree with your larger point though that we can find what Jennings would give us for cheaper than what Jennings would cost.

I’m also not high on Jennings. We’re talking about a guy who has 700 yards and 2 TDs in his last 29 games and only has more than 1 TD in 1 of his 3 seasons. I think DPJ is a tier above him and compared him to Tre’Quan, who I think is a toss-up to make the roster, because I think they’re the same level player. Tre’Quan is also a well-known blocker. His worst season statistically as a receiver was last season and it was about the same exact season that Jennings put up. I just don’t see why we would trade any sort of capital for a bubble-type player.

Maybe other people see it with Jennings, but I just don’t see it.

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TreQuan Smith would be a good PS guy. He hasn’t done anything in 2 years but he is a veteran been around the league and knows MCDC

Right now WR6 is

Trequan vs Isaiah Williams I’d imagine.

I think the UDFA would win that camp battle

I honestly think everyone behind ARSB, Jamo, and Raymond is up for grabs. It’ll be a dog fight for those last 2-3 WR spots. I’d give DPJ a headstart, but I still don’t know if he’s a “lock” imo and I really like DPJ.


I’m not sky high on Jennings, I’m just very low on Smith.

I think he’s in the KhaDarel Hodge, Cephus, James Proche, Denzel Mims, Phillip Dorsett, Miles Boykin tier of player, whereas Jennings is in the Allen Lazard, Justin Watson, Devin Duvernay, Isaiah Hodgins tier. None of it is exciting, but the latter tier has carved out roles for themselves, whereas the former tier is basically playing roster musical chairs. I think we’re in that phase of Smith’s career.

Completely agree. I hope DPJ works out great. But look at his contract…nothing about it says he’s a lock.

And Smith was signed to a futures deal…whatever that means.

At this point I can’t see how DPJ & Antoine Green aren’t locks for the roster.


I think they are gonna have to earn it. Although the competition is a bit weak. I don’t want them just being handed jobs.


It would take a lot for DPJ not to make it but I certainly wouldn’t call him a lock.

And Green is even less of a lock, he hasn’t shown much of anything. He plays a spot we want to hit and we’re all hoping he takes a step forward in his development, but it’s definitely not a sure thing.


I agree that the WR4 & WR5 spots are open for competition.
Someone could come from outside the organization from cuts in camp, but it appears Holmes is prepared to select from the current roster. I’m not sure how well Tre’ Quan Smith plays Special Teams but the WR4 & WR5 will have to be good.
We know Antoine Green and DPJ played Special Teams last season.
Fipp probably has a big role in the decision. I don’t see Williams making the roster unless he is a returner. ARSB & Kalif are the top 2 slot WR’s. I think he is destined for the PS.

It was Chark & Reynolds
Then Reynolds & DPJ

I just think we targeted our guy DPJ and gave a 6th for him to be next man up this year knowing we weren’t gonna pay for Reynolds what the market was going to pay him.

As far as Antoine Green…he made it last year when we had 6WR and didn’t add anybody and we actually lost 1.

So I’d be surprised if he gets cut


106 snaps… 1 catch 2 yards. Goff certainly wasn’t looking his way.

The reality is that Green is a 7th round pick. While the Lions liked him enough to draft him, that’s not the kind of investment that guarantees a roster spot. He’ll have a leg up some some of the newer guys because he should know the system better and he’s heading into his second year, but I wouldn’t put him in as a lock. If he’s beat out, the Lions are going to take the best guys. a 7th rounder isn’t getting the same timeline as say a 4th round pick. They’re basically priority UDFAs


WR5 /WR6 is a Special Teams position. If they are active on game day and playing special teams it is a win.
Green was active in the NFC Championship game and played only 2 fewer snaps than DPJ on offense and the same number on Special Teams.

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Yea I’m just a little concerned with depth. Jamo has had injury concerns. ACL tear…plus the hammy last year.

This says lock to me

Especially since we lost our WR3 from last year

Green moves up a spot not down

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