Jaylon Johnson, Bears agree to new four-year, $76 million contract

Spend it.


Dude should fire his agent.

He took $800,000 LESS on his AAV than his franchise tag would have been in 2024…. and they would have had to give $23.76 million to use the tag again in 2025.

He would have made $43.5 million if playing on consecutive tags.

But this probably gives him protection in case of a serious injury.

Playing on the tag can be risky.

How much of that 76 mill is guaranteed?

Update… 54 mill guaranteed. So even if he blows an achilles next year he’s still in great shape.


He loves to grab jerseys…

Solid zone CB…not good in man coverage. Theyre paying as an elite CB…

Yeah…4.50 CB that grabs the jersey…elite.

He was already getting away with jersey grabs before his big $$ deal…ask AJ Brown…now he really will get the “benefit of the doubt”…


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Um, maybe he’s given weight to the Emmanuel Mosley experience. The first $54M you make is way more valuable in a real way than the second $54M you make.

Does the first bowl of ice cream taste better than the second?


The franchise tag would have put $19.8M into his bank account in 2024. This deal puts $28M into his bank account in 2024. The first year math favors the deal over the franchise tag. There is also no guarantee of getting a second tag, or the money a second tag would represent. We tagged Cliff Avril and he had to take a paycut from that amount for the rest of his career.


It is one thing to give up some money for the security…

but why sign an extension so early if it isn’t more AAV than the tag?

I’d sign this minute if I got 28 mil deposited shortly

And another 26 mil guaranteed


How do you have the self control to put the ice cream in a bowl first?



I try to limit myself to one cone a week…

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Ya know, I thought that bit of perfectly fine sense might hijack this thread…

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