JBC and Stafford

This is not going to be a bashing thread on either JBC or Stafford. I’m curious if I could be on to something. Is it possible that to much stock has been put into Stafford’s brain? What I am saying is our offense is too ticky tacky and all about timing. JBC has made it so every part of our offense needs to be 100 perfect perfect for Stafford to play good and our offense to barely function. It feels like every single throw is into tight coverage, where Stafford needs to throw an absolute dime to complete the pass. JBC still doesn’t know how to use KJ and continues to run him out of the shotgun, I think KJ would run alot better with Stafford up under center. JBC still fails to utilize talent and scheme what is best for our players. We need a real OC not someone was just promoted mid season due to a firing.
Stafford is a above average QB I think he would paly alot better is he wasn’t forced to be perfect 100 percent of the time. I believe that we should move on from Stafford when Patricia fires JBC this off-season to get his guy as an OC. Give that OC a blue Chip rookie QB like Chicago did and see what happens!!! Look at the Vikings they run a pretty simple offense where every QB that goes there appears to light it up that could never happen in a JBC offense. Stafford just also appears to not have the “it” factor that Brady or mahomes has. I want a new QB with some Moxy and passion like Mayfield and OC that runs a simple offense that showcases KJ and puts him in the best possible position to tear it up.

End note JBC is a terrible play caller or at least very inconsistent, did he ever call a screen to slow to Vikings pass rush on 3rd down? Answer is no…I rest my case!!

When Stafford is “on” he’s one of the best, when he’s “on his backside” there isn’t much he can do. I’m done with JBC though.

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First. JBC needs to be fired.

Stafford is such an interesting character. I think he has shown to be a good if not very good QB…then he overthrows and misses open players inexplicably multiple times in a single game setting. Like the 49rs game earlier this season.

I’ve seen Stafford show plenty of Moxie over the years, he truly goes all out. The guy is tough as nails. The problem is, sometimes he just looks out of sorts…uncomfortable it seems…even lost. I think that’s when he holds onto the ball too long and starts forcing plays. He’s regressed this year. He’s still a good QB, but things need to change and quick.

This is why I want Cooter removed. Whatever they had working has expired and I think JBC scheme is leaving Stafford exposed.

Stafford will have stretches of brilliance followed by stretches of absolute crap. See last years Thanksgiving game. He looked like totally lost

I think it’s a long pattern for him. Even in the bowl game his last season at GA playing against MSU. He looked really bad in the first half then made some amazing throws in the second half

It also seems like Stafford never really gets on his teammates for sub par play. And likewise never beats himself up. After the game he just kind of looks expressionless and says something milquetoast and cliche like “focus on next week. Back to the film room…”

I think the kid is tough but he doesn’t seem to have that Brady/Jordan relentless drive to be the best and win at any cost

I think we can win with him if we build the team around him but his salary and the economics of the cap don’t help. And for gods sake, pick an offense and stay with it. At times I almost wish Linehan were still there and we could quit pretending we are going to be balanced. Just get some Best/Bush guys, spread the field and keep winging it

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What are linehans odds to stay in DAL?

When Garrett gets fired, none.

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I think that Stafford needs to stop the gun-shy mentality that is ever present this year. There have been a lot of coverage sacks as well, but…BUT these plays seem to be short to intermediate routes and that is on the receiver to get seperation and in the Staff good years he was more improvisational and sending guys on streaks and various hot routes on and within the play as it was developing with hand signals and whatever. I feel Stafford is above average yet is elite when he…HE takes the game into his own hands.

Not sure this post makes sense…because I’m drunk

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