Jeff Okudah option value from league today

$11,514,000 Detroit has until May 1st to choose to exercise the option.

They can still sign him an work out longer term . Just means if they don’t pick it up he can be a UFA after this season. I would pick it up thats cheap even for a number 4 CB for a year.


Pay it, absolute worst case, trade him if he’s not working out.

I look at last season as his rookie year. He played well early an faded last. With full season finally I would look for him to really improve an at that money if he does he will be a steal


They spent 30% more on Okwara…I can see them picking it up.


Okudah is already going to count close to $11M in 2023. So to me the option is an incremental increase to what he will already be making. Its a no brainer. Just do it.

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Throwing good money after bad just doesn’t seem to make sense to me unless they are planning on moving him.

If he was on the open market right now he wouldn’t get 1/2 of what we are paying him in 2023.