Jelani Woods TE Virginia

I don’t know where he’s slated to go but if we could get him as our #2 Tight End, I’d be elated.
The kid showed at the combine that this last year wasn’t a fluke.
He’s big, he’s fast


Yep, @1CasanovaJack brought him up a few months back pre-combine.
I think Jelani’s stock is rising now though.
I don’t know if he’ll ever be a George Kittles, I think his game is a little more power oriented and less finesse and speed.

Back when he was at an OSU, he was renowned for his stone hands. Now he didn’t get a lot of opportunity so maybe he put a lot of pressure on himself when he did, but sheesh he had some ugly reps. He looked good catching the ball at the combine so hopefully he’s got it shored up. He was a pretty frustrating guy because his physical talent was obvious.

At OK State, he averaged 10.3 catches per year, 31 total. But, one in every 8 catches was a TD. And his long catches, 32 in 2018, 30 in 2019 and 46 in 2020. I would say he took advantage of his chances, and I would say OK State didn’t use him or their backs properly.

Of the 180 receptions OSU has this season, just 16 have come from Cowboy backs.

Perfect! We love drafting Tight End’s from Oklahoma State with stone hands.

Well you’re right that he wasn’t used correctly, no tight end should ever go to Oklahoma State. Gundy has no idea how to use them (though that’s true of a lot of colleges). That said I watched every one of his games there and the drops made you pull your hair out. Yes he was good for an odd TD now and then and sometimes teams wouldn’t cover him because we never threw him the ball so he had some long gains. But he was essentially a non-factor.

I generally don’t think hands are something that can be improved, but maybe he pressed during the few opportunities that came his way at OSU which could explain the drops and with the more opportunities he got at Virginia he got more comfortable, I don’t know. He caught the ball decently enough at the combine (though there were a couple of plays that gave me traumatic flashbacks).

I think he’ll still be there at 97

The cool thing is, we have the number 2 pick. I’m sure he’ll still be there.

The TE at Ok St. and the one in Virginia are basically too different TEs. Don’t over think it he was a bad ass at Virginia which I believe is more akin to his talent level.

Maybe you’re right. But he was that guy at OSU for 4 years, it’s not like we couldn’t see how athletic and large he was. He just couldn’t catch anything.

I don’t know a switch flipped? There’s a reason why he blew up last year. I’m guessing the offense fit him better? Don’t know but I’d spend a 3rd round pick on him. That’s as high as I’d take a TE in this class being that it’s a weak TE class IMO.

He can block. He’s big. He’s strong. He’s fast. Pretty much what you are looking for in a TE for most every team.

I’d expect him to go sooner than many people are thinking.

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It’s a very good year for TE’s, before the combine I had him as our 5th round pick, I would be surprised if he gets out of the 3rd now.