Jerry Jacobs: Lions are going to show the world we're here


Jerry Jacobs taking over Jamaals role as vocal team hype man.

Learning behind Moesely who was also a UDFA is gonna be great for him


I am a Jerry Jacobs fan, but it just seems odd how much press he is getting in the National media as an UDFA in his 3rd year. I think he has shown + starter potential at outside CB and I love his approach to the game.


that’s cool to say we are going to open up a can of whoop ass , yet nobody can predict those sneaky little injuries or what way the zebras will dream up how to rob us of a win , in an important game…see KC for example, something tells me we will start owning KC and then some supernatural penalty will be called–putting KC ahead with seconds to go in the game.

That kinda stuff would never happen to the Lions…haha

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