Jets have *1* touchdown in last 47 offensive drives

From First Take.

Good grief.

DaRon Bland has half the number of touchdowns as the entire New York Jets offense this season.

That can’t be accurate can it??

1 for 47… lmao

had A-A not been hurt they legit would probably only have 1 or 2 losses.

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Oooof. With that defense even a modestly competent offense should be better than that. Since they’ve finally given up on Zach Wilson, it will be interesting to see if they try to lure a QB out of retirement. Tim Boyle is definitely not the answer.

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Kinda makes you appreciate the fact that Sheila passed over the hometown guy in Saleh for Dan Campbell…

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Boyle to the rescue…

Auburn Tigers Lol GIF by SEC Network

Boyle will start next game!!! :hushed::hushed::hushed:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet


That is why they call them offensive drives.

I know Zach isn’t good, but Tim Boyle come on man… I saw Zach outplay Mahomes. Tim Boyle couldn’t beat the local Pop Warner defense.

Tim Boyle is like those leftovers that get shoved to the back of the fridge, and when you’re hungry but don’t feel like cooking you have to decide whether or not the risk of food poisoning is worth it.

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Desperation move for sure. But 1 TD in 47 drives. Hard to be worse

This is why the NFL rules!! Beyond the many more obvious things that rivet my attentions, there’s a soap opera element to it in the disaster scenarios and re-appearance of flawed characters when you’ve seen the last of them. Just when I thought I’d see the last of The Real TB 12, central casting says, um, no…

I think Epstein did kill himself after he was forced to watch hours of Tim Boyle playing QB.

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What’s the over/under on how many games Boyle plays before he gets lanced?

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That Jets team with Rodgers could be a SB team. That defense is so damn good

If I’m being fair though, considering how bad Wilson has been playing, Boyle can’t be any worse.

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The only person less deserving of starting at any position this weekend is Jack Campbell. Boyle is such a ridiculous waste of a roster spot. He cannot process the game when he’s actually playing. He may one heck of a locker room guy, but when the whistle blows, it’s full-on
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I thought our redzone efficiency was bad. Damn.

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Boyle is going to look like Joe Montana compared to Wilson.