Jets player makes Detroit Lions comment in practice

The Jets are on Hard Knocks, but they also have a documentary style series like we have. Its called “One Jets Drive.” I am watching it and one of the players was trying to stress how important it is for every single guy to play every single snap to the fullest. DO NOT take plays off.

He said that if you are just looking at their team, it might seem like someone can take a play off. He said the mentality should have the entire league in mind. Then he said while you may be taking a play off here (in New York), there is a guy in DETROIT that is not. So they would rather have “that guy.” Meaning if you take plays off you might get replaced by a guy from Detroit that doesn’t take plays off.

He could have used any other team as an example, but I think it is pretty cool that when the concept of playing every snap to the fullest is being discussed, the Detroit Lions are front and center in people’s minds. And “they would rather have” guys like Brad and MCDC are bringing in and developing.


Coach Dan has everyone’s attention


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And the Jets just brought in Swoboda to their PS.


Dan and Brad and the synergistic team they’ve assembled is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Surviving the Bobby Lane curse would have been so much easier with foreknowledge of what was to come.

For me, it’s almost…almost beside the point if they accomplish any particular goal. Of course, I want wins to come in bundles. But just following the buy-in and pure dramas of this team is riveting. Was the Quinntricia dumpster fire really only 2 1/2 years ago?


Of the 2, Conner Galvin is the one we needed to keep, right? At least this year.

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how did they do that? he would have to have a spot on the 53 man roster to be picked up on waivers?

Players who were waived during cutdowns become Street Free Agents after clearing waivers. Swoboda wasn’t claimed and seems he took an opportunity with the Jets on their PS.


I’d rather have Skipper back

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Gotcha. Must be trying to follow the footsteps of Ron Swoboda, NY Mets outfielder way back when.

Was obviously talking about our PS offensive tackle that they just stole

As if I needed more excitement for this season. That really gets the blood pumping. Great post! Let’s get this season started! I hope the league doesn’t take this season full of ass whoopings personally.

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We’re training the other teams, little by little.

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I’m so used to the Lions being the butt of jokes.

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There’s still plenty of season left. Don’t give up hope.

so he didn’t refer to us as ‘that team’? since they have aaron I figure maybe that trickled down.

I think erin is afraid that his daddy would spank him again if his team disrespected detroit that way.


I’m not convinced that wasn’t a slight on Detroit.

Think about it…

I think that player knows that in Detroit even a guy like Brock Wright doesn’t take a play off, even when the other team thinks they have the game won.

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Clearly they didn’t see AO not even trying to tackle last season.