Jim Caldwell vs Dan Campbell

Or bQ failed Caldwell.
Or they failed to work together to get the talent they needed

Then BQ and Patricia also failed to get talent that needed or maybe in the case of patriots and Patricia
It really was lack of relationships to build a good coaching staff that was united in the vision.
That seems plausible too since the Lions did have talent

I think BQ cut off his nose to spite his face with that scenario

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Dan Campbell won a division title and went to the NFCC championship. This isn’t even a comparison, there is Dan Campbell and everybody else.


I agree and having said that……we have to acknowledge that Dan and Brad are in this together and this is why it has worked so well so far. I wonder if Dan is as good as he has been working with some of the prior GMs. Does Caldwell do better working with Brad?? Could Schwartz and Brad work together?? Don’t have an asset to any of those but I do know this….Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell work very well together like a perfect marriage. Let’s keep this shit going! :100:

Dan wouldn’t get his guys with Quinn, but I bet he’d get Millen on his side.

Brad would elevate Caldwell and Schwartz, and wouldn’t abide Patricia.

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