Jim Schwartz hasn't gotten any interview requests in the current hiring cycle

That doesn’t surprise me at all. He lacks qualities of a head coach.

Deserves some interviews.

Tough offseason for candidates though. So much quality this time around

It just shows how people worth millions and billions at the NFL level still have flaws in how they go about their business. And in some ways they know less than dumb ol’ fans.

Schwartz marred his HC prospects forever when he chased Harbaugh around the field while his white windbreaker puffed in the wind

He didn’t do himself any favors having his players carry him off the field after a regular season win against the Lions. Background checks are why he’s not getting offers.


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Guys a clown. That’s why he’s not getting interviews.

Never trust a man with an ankle tattoo

Cleveland would be smart to offer the HC job to Schwartz, and Schwartz would be smart not to take it.

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I wonder if Jim has a tramp stamp. Of Jahvid Best?

Pretty sure it’s my fault for having commented on his personality in the Schwartz thread a couple weeks ago.

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