Jimmy G

Interesting game for him. The obligatory int when it mattered but…they still win the game. In fact, it happens so often it’s like the team doesn’t panic and just moves on. He wasn’t as horrible as his stats last night, how many drops including the one to Kittle who was wide open with nothing but daylight in front of him? If you believe the 49er’s, it’s still Trey Lance’s team next season. Teams looking for a QB, is a trade possible? It costs the 49ers $27 million to keep him or they save $25.5 million if they cut him. He only has 1 year left on his contract. The guy is 9-2 in games where he hasn’t run or thrown for a TD and 3-0 in the playoffs in those games. What if the lucky son-of-a-bitch wins the SB? He’s only 30 and sat so he doesn’t have the miles other guys his age have. An option for us? Hell no but if I think I’m a QB away from saving my job, well. Stay tuned.

If they win it’ll be in spite of him. Yes Kittle should have caught that one pass but he Jimmy G should have had like 9 interceptions too.

And he’s guaranteed to not be a Niner next year, he’s auditioning for other teams. They put too many resources into the Trey Lance basket, they have to use him.


Sorry but i’m taking Goff over Jimmy G


There’s a bunch of QB needy teams but I don’t see the Lions as being one. We should draft someone for depth and development. Our backups are dead ends

But Goff is the starter next year

Gotta tell you, the guy has been the luckiest SOB I’ve ever seen. And there’s a reason Trey hasn’t played in spite of all Jimmy’s faults. I absolutely believe that Trey is not going to make their team better.

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Why are you sorry, nobody said we should.

Goff is the starter next year? No kidding, who said he wasn’t?

Oh I disagree. I think he makes them a ton better. I think he would make them better today, but Jimmy’s got the experience in the playoffs and no coach would replace that with a guy who’s only started two games.

Wasn’t arguing that point. Was saying we weren’t on the level of QB needy that other teams are

Can I choose neither?


I like Jimmy G better than most. He has some strengths that are often overlooked here. For one, he has really good pocket presence, feels the rush, moves around. He gets out of situations that would for sure be sacks on guys like Goff. And he takes a lot of deep shots which I also like. His career 8.36 yards/attempt is pretty good. Goff for comparison is 7.35. I like Goff on the Lions because of our o-line but if we had an average o-line I would be in a hurry to get rid of him.


Trey Lance was the biggest reach in the draft in recent years. You know who had a better career at NDS? Easton Stick. Trey was 1-0 in 2020, his stats, were 15-30 2 TD’s and an int. against who? He has averaged about 4 ypc in the NFL and IMO he’s over rated. We’ll know one way or another next season.

Not sure what you meant by this then.

That’s one game, every single quarterback in history has had a bad game. Lots of them. But you’re right about us seeing next year one way or the other.

meant some teams have a greater urgency at QB than we do. We know who our starter is next year with certainty

It’s one game because it was his ONLY game. It wasn’t the same team he had when he won the national championship. The 2 QB’s ahead of him won national championships, Carson Wentz and Easton Stick. Oh they won again this year, w/o him.

So what you’re saying is he played one bad game with a team that “wasn’t the same team” as the year before and so he had no rapport with them, and he’s gonna be a bust because of that? I mean, I’m not saying 100% that he won’t be a bust, but that won’t be the reason.

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He played one bad game because there was only 1 game. You really think that in that game last night that if there were a chance in hell they thought he could make a difference, even after their O had scored 3 points in 3 quarters, that they would stick with Jimmy? I don’t, I think they found out early in the season that it was going to be more of a learning curve than they planned on. He may need more work than they planned on, in fact that’s what I believe. So do you sit him one more season with Jimmy still under contract and hope he catches on, or trial by fire? I wouldn’t be surprised if they move Jimmy and I also wouldn’t be surprised if he stays and finishes out his contract.

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Yes, I believe they’d stick with Jimmy. No coach is gonna put in a guy who’s played two games at QB, in that environment, unless he has to. It’s not fair to the kid. Maybe for a play or two to throw off the defense but that would be it.

I understand that they only played one game last year but that’s irrelevant, it doesn’t matter when the one bad game was played. My point is that you seem to be basing your entire opinion of Lance’s future career on the smallest sample size possible: one game. I can go through and post a lot of Tom Brady’s bad games, if those were the only ones you’d seen, would you predict future failure?

I think there’s no way Lance isn’t the starter next year given the draft resources they gave up to get him. He provides them with a much higher ceiling and yes, a lower floor. There will be some kinks to work out for sure. Personally I think he’ll be a smashing success eventually, but it’s clear we’re not gonna agree about that. So be it.

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The circumstances surrounding the game make it an outlier. It was during COVID lockdowns and the kids couldn’t even go to school and practice like they normally would. The conference punted the season until the spring, but NDSU agreed to have a 1 off game in the fall. The Big Ten was still weeks away from their first game and the Pac 12 was over a month away from resuming football.

The stands were empty minus some scouts and similar people.

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