Joe Burrow is a special player

If the Bengals pass on him at 1, or whoever it is, they are gonna regret it for a long time.

Easily my favorite QB to come out since Luck. Obviously Watson and Mahomes have turned out better than expected. Burrow is someone I think can make a difference day 1 wherever he is at


Yep, he’s a true #1 overall pick of a QB.


If the Bengals pass on Burrow they should fold the team.

He’s great AND he’s from Ohio.

Kid could suck and no one will care for a few years. He will get the longest rope from local media and fans any highly picked quarterback has had.

He doesn’t have a cannon but he’s the best traditional quarterback I’ve seen in college in a while.


Very accurate. Very smart

Not a bad athlete either. Not that he’s special in that regard but he can definitely move around and make secondary plays


Burrow won Mr. Basketball in Ohio in high school.

He ain’t Lamar Jackson but he’s a legit athlete.

Hypothetical here, say the Bengals do pass on him. Do the Giants take him at 2 with drafting Jones last year? If the Lions were to be sitting at 3 and he is on the board, even with all the needs, the lions would have to draft him. Let him sit and learn for a year and would allow the team to move on from Stafford after the 2020 season if they chose

I would take him

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IMO Josh Rosen has “the tools” but in many ways will never be a franchise QB in the NFL. While what the Cardinals did was virtually unprecedented, I can see why they did it. The pick was every bit of a bust as I thought it would be. Daniel Jones is different. He’s shown so many signs of life. He’s turning the ball over at a high rate, and he doesn’t have a defense to support him. Outside of the turnover errors that are correctable, there’s a lot to love about Jones that Rosen doesn’t have. All of that is a long winded way of saying…there is absolutely no way I could see them going QB again. The kid has shown enough to prove he was worth a 1st round pick, and worth giving a few years to see him develop.

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So, to my question, would you take him at 3, if the lions are at 3 and Joe is on the board? I know I would be interested. He could develop for a year behind Matt and we could move on in 2021

If he gets to 3 and its not because of injury or he raped a woman you auction him off the highest bidder and roll with Stafford.

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And miss out on a true franchise QB. The point is moot anyway. Burrows will be the #1 pick. The conversation is really about Justin Herbert.

I wouldn’t do it for Herbert.

Pass on Herbert, reminds me of another Oregon QB the lions drafted under Millen

Sure. Because Harrington’s completion % in college was 55.2 and Herbert’s was 64.1%. They aren’t even remotely similar in their arm strength, style, etc.
I’m not saying Herbert is going to be a star but he certainly has the skill set to succeed.

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Skills aren’t the problem with Herbert. I don’t see Joey with him, I see Kyle Boller

The only way he would be taken is as a trading piece, but the Lions are not in that position. There are some very nice talents on the DL that fit what the Lions needs. Burrow may be a special player but you don’t take a “might be” when you already have an “is” a special player!