Joe Lombardi to be Chargers OC

The Chargers are expected to hire Joe Lombardi as their new offensive coordinator, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Poor Herbert



They’ll have fun putting that system in in a weird offseason like this too.

Yuck… I can’t believe he got another shot…

Worst OC I have ever seen in the NFL.

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Looks like Herbert gets a shot at the Lombardi Atrophy


Glad he’s getting another shot. Seemed like a good guy even if it didn’t work out in Detroit. Hoping for the best for him and that he gets better results working with Herbert.

That’s possible, Caldwell had a hand in the conservative clock eating game plans to protect a bad D

It will be an absolute hoot if Herbert thrives with Lombardi.


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Wondering what all the Herbert fans will be saying at the end of next year…

@Doctor_Love tough crowd :joy:

Just sold my Herbert rookie for $300…getting out at a peak it looks like now.


Tough break for him w/Lambo headed out there.
Terrible hire.

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By far the worst coordinator the Lions have ever hired. By far. Opposing defenders were yelling out our plays before we ran them. I’m sure he’s a swell guy and he’s got a million dollar name that instantly enchants, but honestly, he had no clue. Just an awful hire for LAC.

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think he was that bad. I know we hate the guy for many reasons and he definitely needed to be fired. But in the end I think his biggest flaw was he didn’t understand the downside of trying to use someone else’s offense that’s been around for over a decade, and how much self scouting you need to do in that case. With Mooch the playcalls themselves were very predictable. With Joe, it wasn’t that the playcalls themselves were predictable…its that he had an offense that used alot of personnel changes and formations, so by studying Saints film and our film teams were able to put 2 and 2 together with our personnel group and formation combinations.

Alot of teams employ some level of quality control coach. Each team utilizes that coach in different ways. Some teams hire a former defensive coordinator or defensive minded guy to scout the teams offense and let someone like Joe know his tendencies so he can adjust them. If I were the Chargers it would be imperative to hire that guy to pair with Lombardi. Joe had potential. I loved the way he had that money play dialed up for a game winning situation against the Saints. Rather than go to CJ, the play was specifically designed for a nobody like Corey Fuller, and practiced so many times that even Corey Fuller couldn’t screw it up. I also remember playing the Packers and we had the lead and the ball with like 7 minutes left. Teams of the past would have choked away that lead and the Packers would have pulled out a last minute win. But with 7 frickin minutes left, the Packers never saw the ball again. That was really impressive to see.


Payton also has unbridled creativity that’s the cherry on top. Trick play, exotic looks, etc. I think his instinct for when to utilize that stuff is hard to learn.

He also has Drew Brees with tons of experience in that system. So if a play is doomed to fail, Drew can quickly recognize it and adjust on the fly.

That’s a good point. Like writing for a great editor.

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I wish my last name was Lombardi.