John Ross on the trade block?

Former first round pick of the bengals on the trade Block. Anyone interested ?

You can’t coach speed and, apparently, you can’t coach a track guy into becoming an NFL WR.

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I guess if he’s available for cheap we could use a guy like him for depth or #4. But I doubt he’s available for cheap . He seems like another Marvin Jones which we don’t need

No thanks.

I know everyone already dismissed him for some reason, but its important to note that he was being misused in Cinci.

In Washington? In Cincinnati? I mean speed kills but it took Ted Ginn at least three years for him to find a niche. Never lived up to the hype. For me, it has always been availability/talent/football player and he misses on two. Is it worth a shot? Meh, kick the tires, doesn’t cost much. An airplane ticket.

I read somewhere on twitter that a Teez Tabor for John Ross would be perfect for both teams. Bengals desperately need corners, Lions need a speed guy, and both “busts” get a nice change of scenery.

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The problem with that trade is afterward Arizona would still need a CB…:grin:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Run to the fax machine and plug in Goodells private number

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I’m sure some teams will try to get Ross for less

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Ha ha. Spit out my coffee. Dick.