Johnson and A Glenn are overated

hey, I’m thrilled that we had a great year. And mostly just bummed about yesterday’s game. Just too many mistakes. But I’m forced to say -our Coordinators are overrated.

Several games this year we have failed to adapt after a hot start. This tells me both coordinators had a great game plan to start, but both failed to adapt to counters by the opposing defense and offense. And that’s on the coordinators.

Bottom line - i ain’t losing any sleep if they both head to greener pastures.

And sure, I wish them well.

Glenn isn’t going anywhere. This year, anyway.

As several have pointed out, Johnson had a lot more to work with on offense:

1st overall pick QB Goff

1st Rd RB in Gibbs

1st Rd RT in Sewell

1st Rd LT in Decker

1st Rd C in Ragnow

1st Rd WR in Jamo

What did Glenn have to work with?

1st Rd DE in Hutch

1st Rd LB in Campbell


Addressing the D this upcoming draft

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I think we’ll be ok regardless, but I disagree. Both did well enough to get us 30 minutes away from a. Super Bowl. I’m actually particularly impressed with Glenn. The holes in our pass d were obvious and basically unfixable. I’m extremely impressed with what he was able to do anyway with a unit that’s very much still rebuilding.


I don’t think either is overrated. Ben is Ben, and Glenn made major strides in regards to locking things down later in the season.

Defense needs a huge upgrade, though.


Both offense and defense should be top 10 at minimum next year, offense should be top 5.

There isn’t nearly as many holes on defense as the media leads people to believe. There may only be 2-3 starting spots on defense even open for competition next year, outside CB, DE, and DT. We will resign JRM, which locks in our top 5 LBers.

There is likely only 1, maybe 2 spots open at edge with Paschal and Cominsky capable of rotating in.

Only locks at DT are Alim and Martin, but good chance one of Levi/Benito are back, maybe both.

Safety is going to need depth, but Joseph and Melifonwu are likely starters.

If we have 25 spots for defense, at least 16 are settled

Levi or Benito

At this point i actually prefer Glenn to Johnson. Glenn doesnt have any talent to work with. Johnson has no excuse for getting too cute.

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If your going to loose one who would you prefer to loose? Ben you would get no comp picks. Glen we would get a 3rd rd comp pick 2 years in a row thanks to the Rooney rule

Beans. I’ll alway take the beans. Serious legume addiction over here.

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Cannot ever have too many beans

This is a hilarious take on Johnson
Regular season #5 ranked offense
Playoffs #2 ranked offense of the 4 teams that played this weekend

But hey BJ doesn’t have a clue what he is doing

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I get where he’s coming from though. Ben is amazing at many things, but i want to go down punching (i.e. running Monty; play action) and not with “too cute” plays. When he’s at his best he’s a ray of light; at his worst, he reminds me of many of my colleagues who’ve fallen in love with the ideas in their own heads, forgetting they need to adjust those ideas to the shifting world around them.

My toilet completely disagrees

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