Johnson out for "some time"

Schefter reporting KJ is out with his knee injury. “Week to week” but expected to miss time.

That kid can’t seem to stay healthy.

Time for Ty Johson, JD McKissick, and newly acquired Tra Carson to step up. Lions also have Paul Perkins on the PS.

Marshawn Lynch reunite with Bevell anyone?


Geez, that’s actually not the worst idea I’ve heard and almost makes sense.

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I don’t think any of those guys are the answer unfortunately. If they are serious about getting back in the hunt they have to make another move IMO.

I dunno. 3.4 yards per carry isn’t an impossible task to beat. Kerryon is sitting below average across RB stats.

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C’mon down Kenyan Drake


We were kicking the tires on Kenyon Drake. I like the idea of adding him. Admittedly I haven’t watched much of him. However, what I have seen I liked.

The issue is in the trenches. It’s not the RB. You don’t avg over 5 yards a carry for a season and then just magically drop to 3 unless something is wrong w the blocking and the amount of attention the run is getting from defense…it’s not like he forgot how to run.


Adrian Peterson, as a band-aid?

I agree we’d get far more trading for an OL but I don’t think it will happen and to make it happen we would likely have to trade GG or Decker. I just don’t see us finding an upgrade via a trade.

However we might be able to get some solid DT depth.

If I were trading for a RB I’d be calling up SF.

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Some more names to throw out there: Shane Vereen, Chris Ivory, Steven Ridley, Alfred Morris, Jeremy Hill, Blount, Kapri Bibbs.

For a team that is trying to run the ball more, we did a really good job in the off season of ignoring our running game.

Not really. They made a play for Malcom Brown and the rams matched the offer. CJ Anderson has a resurgent end to the regular season last year (over 500 yards rushing) in the handful of games he played w the rams. They drafted Johnson and they signed JD mcisik…it probably wasn’t as big a priority as the other spots of need under the circumstances. I’d imagine we draft another back this coming offseason…