Jonah Jackson Blocking

How did he do all game? This play caught my eye.

Some good blocks from him in this video as well. He’s created some big holes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Him and Sewell are maulers in run game. I say keep em together could be a force for years

There were some noticable gaffs where he seemed to stop blocking in pass pro, but then, yeah, you have him being credited by Swift and Campbell on a couple scoring plays.

Not perfect, but high upside. 1st game of season 2 for a 2nd year Guard. Despite having noticed his mistakes and calling it out in our game thread, I’m pretty stoked overall by what he might be. Vaitai, too, as a Guard.

The only lineman I saw completely being dominated was Nelson. Not sure what went on with Crosby but it would’ve been nice to have him in there instead. I’ve always felt like he plays better during games than the way he looks in practices

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Offensive line passed the sniff test for me, especially the interior. This was game 1, going toe to toe with one of the premier defensive lines the league has to offer with a 20 year old LT, and a converted D-Lineman on the Right.

They held their own. It wasn’t always pretty, but they did the job. All three interior lineman, yes Vaitai too, deserve game balls. They were mauling.

All this with a new playbook. Barring injuries, this is only going to get better.


I have a feeling Crosby got on the staff’s shit list for attitude / effort, much like Perriman. We’ve all seen that Crosby’s talent level is sufficient to be a pretty decent backup / swing tackle and a spot starter.

My pure speculation is that his mindset soured with the drafting of Sewell. He might have fancied the starting RT job as one he already earned, and that may have affected his dedication and interest during offseason and camp.

Like I said, this is total conjecture on my part, but it’s not difficult to imagine this staff not having a lot of patience for guys with mediocre talent and prima donna attitudes.


I saw Dan Campbell’s Monday press conference, and some reporter was giving him the opportunity to fluff Jackson. And Campbell did, a little. But he also said something like, “We have extremely high expectations for Jonah. Elite expectations. He has room to improve even better, and he will.”


Love how he openly speaks his truth.
We will have one of the nastiest trenches on both sides of the ball, under Coach Dan and Brad!