Jonah Jackson hits 2nd level PPE

By playing in at least 55% of the offensive snaps in each of his first three season, Jonah Jackson qualified for a level 2 Proven Performance Escalator (PPE) for his fourth year salary. As a result, his base salary will increase to the Right of First Refusal (ROFR) tender for Restricted Free Agency ($2,629,000) plus an additional $250,000.

His base salary was slated to be $1,216,137, so his base will increase by $1,662,863 ($2,629,000 + $250,000 - $1,216,137) to $2,879,000.

The PPE is only available for players drafted in round 2 or later and none of the other 2020 draft picks still on the roster (Swift, J Okwara, Stenberg and Cephus) qualify. Will Harris and Amani Oruwariye qualified last year, while Austin Bryant did not.


Will $5-$6m per year lock him up?
I assume he’s a priority contract target this offseason

He’s done well for himself

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Im not saying JJ is at Nelsons level, but I think hes gonna do a whole lot better than 5-6m aav


Current Contract

Quenton Nelson signed a 4 year, $80,000,000 contract with the Indianapolis Colts, including a $31,000,000 signing bonus, $60,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $20,000,000


I agree, definitely 8 digit AAV.


Double that at the very least. Probowl OG’s tend to get paid

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Duh moment … :crazy_face:

But they should extend this offseason yah?


Agree…lock it up on JJ, possibly using Big V’s $$


Anything under 10 million average per year would be seen as a win for the Lions.

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I thought he was an OG all this time?

Now you know :smirk: fixed

He defends the quarterback

Yeah this kid is gonna get paid way more than 6 million lol. I expect around 10-12 at least. Look at the deal Glasgow got a few years back. Mentioning him also reminds me that we should try to bring him back in the off season to play RG since he’ll be a free agent, much cheaper since he’s lost some value in recent years

By free agent I mean that the broncos are almost definitely going to release him since it’ll save them 11 million in cap space for 2023

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I would love if Glasgow came back on a decent deal to play guard for us. Wish we never let him leave.

Was obviously apart of a greater grand scheme where we could improve by letting all of our best players leave… our previous GM was so second level…


Going to be getting 3rd round comps on the regular here. Or some big trades for high draft picks!

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