Josh Allen

Even though Allen can be a train wreck at times he is exciting to watch like mahomes . Good to see consistence good quarterback plays from both rivers and Allen in playoff level . I wish we see consistency of moving ball every quarter from our players . Level is totally different when it comes to non lion teams . What we witness from lions are garbage and no players make any comments on that

When I think about Matt Stafford retiring, the number one thing I think I’m going to miss is the way the ball flies out of his hand. Its somewhat unique and I love how it looks. When I’m watching Josh Allen, I see the same thing from time to time and I love it.

For sure. I had 5th row seats at the Raiders game last year and the easy zip that Matt fenerates even when casually warming up just looked different.

I remember in his 2nd year I had 2nd row seats on the 10, he threw a ball (what looked like from my vantage point) right at me… I swear to God I could hear it spinning in the stadium… All of a sudden, these freakishly long arms came out of nowhere and plucked the ball out of the air along the sidelines. It was Calvin… I felt like a 10 year old boy seeing boobs for the first time.


I really like Josh Allen. The guy takes responsibility. Works on his game during the off season. Seeks guidance from the best qualified. He’s a truly leader. Would welcome him here to Detroit any day of the week although it would never happen

Allen is athletic than Stafford , zip is good . Something always happening with Allen , may be few correction coaching wise to correct on trying to make plays on every ball .

Just his 3 rd year and see the difference he is making , that’s kind of player you root for , happy for him and bills

I’ve been at practices and on the stadium sidelines when Matt was warming up. His ball makes a wizzing noise when he throws it. Not even when he throws it hard . Just his average throw. I’ve never heard a QB throw a ball with that kinda noise before.
It’s alarmingly loud. I bet a war veteran would have flashbacks from bombing raids if they heard it.

I do as well. I think he’s going to have a really good career. I expect the Bills to get him an extension early and lock him up long term.