Josh Gordon "takes a break" from NFL after another drug test failure

Taking a break huh? Right.

What a waste of talent.
You wonder whats going through his head every time he slips up like that.

I guess I’m no better though… I kept this fool on both of my dynasty IR’s for 3 seasons hoping for a comeback…

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Guy has been self medicating for years with marijuana. I get it, it does wonders for people with anxiety and paranoia, maybe that’s what he’s dealing with. In any case, I do feel bad for him bc he’s not doing anything illegal and he’s just trying to help himself, but it’s a no no for the NFL and it’s pretty cut and dry. He’s made under $3 million since entering the league and his net worth is about $1 million…that’s crazy to think about considering how dominant he was and is when he’s on the field. Hope he gets his issues under control and lives a happy life, but he will never play football in the NFL again I fear.

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I was worried for him when that ESPN program came out a year ago (or so) and the first few minutes of it was laying blame at the feet of enablers.

While an enabler (when they really are one and not just labeled as such) can be a destructive influence,… Josh’s best chance at really recovering is understanding that he alone is responsible for what he ingests. You can’t lay it at the feet of anyone. You either want sobriety or you want to be a professional or you want to make millions… you either want it enough to own it or you don’t. And if you crash and burn burn because you didn’t want it bad enough, blame yourself, not the freeloaders around you.

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Good take, LB. My head went to the same place when I read a “Where Are They Now?” article on Charles Rogers. Doesn’t sound like he takes accountability for much at all, and considering he had like two entire mormon family’s worth of kids with the same number of women, and doesn’t talk to them? Yeah, dude is a living POS.

Josh has time to pump the brakes in order to prevent all that being his future, but he has to be sincere about it.

It’s too bad Charles Rogers can barely string together a coherent sentence. He should tell his story at the combine every year as a cautionary tale to incoming classes.

It seems like many people do not realize the root of this problem is how athletes are treated differently than other human beings. That starts very early when they find out they don’t have to work at anything other than their sport. Teacher’s give them byes, scheduling give them byes and then when they get to college they have people doing their schoolwork and tutors to keep them eligible. They have girls throwing themselves at them for God knows what. When they get recruited there are hookers available and it happens everywhere. I saw it on a grand scale in the college I attended. Recruits are attended by girls who are not being paid. They are shown academic support teams.
Cocaine and marijuana and alcohol are available everywhere and the regular student body just wants to be associated with them so they usually don’t have to pay for it.

I lived next to a basketball player who was high from the moment he stepped on campus. The next door over was hockey players. Two girls came to the door and announced they had the hockey players homework. The athletes told them to shove the homework under the door. They begged to be let in. The athletes told them they could only come in if they gave everyone in the room oral sex. They agreed. I left.

One guy who had a four year stint in the NFL came back to school to get his degree. He couldn’t write a short sentence correctly but was finishing his degree.

I guess the problem is the entitlement these people feel and blaming others for their problems is because their problem solving faculties never had to be developed. Add in substance abuse…