Josh Reynolds Mic'd Up | Extended Sights and Sounds Lions vs Vikings Week 14

“We gotta handle this ____ , come on. For 60 minutes. If you don’t believe me, watch how I work today!”
Buggs may be one of my new favorite players.


And, he did.


Don’t know if I want to call him Reverend or Preacher, but he’s got a gift.


SO good. Once you get past Fox, it’s tough to pick a favorite, cuz most of our guys actually ARE wired like that.

Even the friggin WRs are warriors. JaMoss & Ra are natural badasses, Reynolfs is leaning that way.
OL is loaded with that energy (especially Sewell and Rags)
J-Will (rb)
Goff leaning into it more

almost the entire defense.
This might surprise you guys, but I can’t wait for Hutch to develop more mature warrior energy…it’s happening, but it WILL improve. He reminds me of a pup hunting dog that is just out there doing what he does playing…I think he’ll gt meaner with a little more heartbreak and competition though. like “professional meanness”
Oku duh is anassassin, Rodrigo is…Buggz & Commish are nasty…Alim is nasty.

Maaaannnn…this is getting fun.

Small asterisk …our long snapper is awful. If not for Fox, we wouldn’t be able to kick a friggin’ extra point. That guy is skipping them across th grass 50% of the time.

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This team is all in. Players on the sideline are into every play happening on the field. Not only player, assistant coaches, everybody! These guys have a chemistry going that championship teams get. Maybe not the most talented roster, but this team is dangerous.

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…not yet. :wink:
That’s the most fun part of it all. We have a bunch of teenagers, U DFA’s, and late round picks on the field. HAHAHAHAAH.
Brad and Dan are SO good


Watching this now this is awesome.

I started a kalif raymond appreciation thread this week but I think we need a Josh reynolds appreciation thread too. This guy was actually the first one to come in and get our offense clicking a little bit. He’s been a huge asset for us and I feel like when he came on board Goff settled down a little bit.

He won’t be a 1 or 2 but I think he’s as good of a 4 or 5 and a very serviceable 3 receiver when needed


I have been noticing this too… we’ll see what happens next year. Not the most exciting part of football but man that can make things in a game go south really quick

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