Josh Reynolds

Time to extend this man soon as well

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A lot of people here were wanting him to be cut to keep Drummond. I think he profiles as a very good backup at outside WR, and would like to keep him around as long as Goff is as they have very good chemistry.


You don’t find a better backup outside WR than Josh Reynolds.

Even as the #3 he’s a fine fine player

Big fan of him & Leaf

They are so good and so underrated


I wasn’t one of them. I’ve long been a Reynolds supporter. Both Goff and Reynolds were on my bench in fantasy while both were still in LA.

Josh Reynolds is playing out of his mind. Pleasant surprise for sure.


Once williams comes back and how good laporta has been. And for god sakes if we can get gibbs going

Its going to open up the game for Reynolds

Your skill group will be

Raynolds, St Brown, Laporta, Renolds, Gibbs.

With Green and Raymond coming off the bench and playing KR/PR.

Just have to get Gibbs GOING and hope Williams is shot out of a cannon.

Realistically i dont expect those 5 to be starting till AFTER the bye.

I said this in the game thread. 99% of the time it’s a tight end. Hell it’s so true that it’s now a cliche’ football term. In this case, Josh Reynolds IS Goff’s security blanket.


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