JRM - the "other" fourth rounder

I’m just as curious to see JRM as I am to see Barnes. I never did understand why he didn’t get more snaps. He came out of college injured which dropped his stock, but with a reputation for playing downhill and being decent in coverage.

He’s getting a little lost with all the Barnes hype, but both of these dudes are fourth rounders. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a little more JRM vs. Barnes given his tenure.


I would love it!

The coaches like JRM in a limited role. This is an experimental year so if they sign off on a significant playing time package I will follow along.


He’s one of the few Quinn picks that DC and staff committed to, so they see something. It almost feels like JRM is a rookie in terms of proving something. It would be nice if we hit on at least one of these fourth rounders.

JRM fits the bill as far as the athletic profile I believe they seek. I’m not sure how instinctive he is though. And it would terrify me to rely on him staying injury free as a starter. Hopefully he works out well in a rotation.

pre-draft assessment on JRM:


  • Early responder after the snap
  • Loves to play downhill and is always headed in that direction when necessary
  • Will not hesitate to take a chance and shoot a gap
  • Uniquely instinctive
  • Will rarely get trapped too far downhill that he can’t bounce out of the side door to chase when needed
  • Plays square and shifts and shuffles to his run fits
  • Easy, fluid chaser with desired flexibility in lower body for sudden change of direction
  • Runs well and can chase in coverage
  • Has burst to ball carrier as tackler
  • Can spring quickly into action with bounce and explosion as lateral tackler from one gap to the next
  • Has coverage talent
  • Outstanding eyes
  • Somehow manages to find ball carrier through all the visual trash
  • Stalks with patience and calm
  • Productive special-teams tackler


  • Lacks size and pop to stop runners in their tracks and often takes brunt of initial impact
  • Needs to run feet through impact to prevent sliding off his tackles
  • Forced to give away gap leverage to avoid being devoured by big, climbing linemen in run game
  • Scouts say he appears to have lost functional weight while injured
  • Was lost for season after first four games due to injury and subsequent surgery to shoulder
  • Injury history with shoulder is a substantial concern

Sources Tell Us

“He can play MIKE or WILL in a Tampa 2, and he has really good cover talent. You love his production but he’s got those narrow shoulders and his frame is maxed out. Really productive, but that shoulder injury could drop him quite a bit.” – Personnel executive with NFC team

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JRM has been in the league for 4 years. I was a huge supporter when we drafted him as I was a fan of tall/fast LB’s. He’s shown himself to be a solid ST tackler but not much else at this point.

The fact that JRM is on the roster is sort of amazing considering how out of place he was under Patricia and his plodding big-bodied LB defense.

He fits much much better in this system. He could be a turnaround player. I just don’t trust his ability to stay healthy.

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In a league obsessed with speed and athleticism, Quinntricia had a fat and slow fetish.

fat absolute unit GIF

Our defense would have been good if they all would have been allowed to ride around on an ATV like Fat Matt did at practice.

To Patricia’s credit, he would give them tough work-outs to improve speed and conditioning though

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Can you imagine living downstairs?

Its incredible to think about. Even when we overdrafted a safety because he was supposed to be a great athlete…he’s actually slow and stiff on the field he just tested well. Unbelievable.

If she keeps jumping… she will “be” downstairs soon.

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