JSN wrist surgery

Says he may be ready in time for regular season but this may impact the Alka-Seltzer Eaters.

Seahawks' Smith-Njigba set for wrist surgery, out 3-4 weeks, coach Pete Carroll says - ESPN

Told you he was a bust


Definitely keep him out til the third game just to be safe, don’t want to ruin the rookie season.


Sucks for the kid but i am hoping he mosses the Lions game.

When he went to SEA I just knew he was going to torch us.


No Moss’ing the Lions please. You too, D.K.

Ha ha autocorrect loves me.

Let’s just hope JSN doesn’t part the blue sea. Or lead his team to the promise land.

i watched a little of the preseason game before he was hurt. He was torching the defense

He’s good and IMO Trevon Diggs is overrated bc of all of those interceptions in 2021.

Diggs is still a good player but he’s like tall Dre Bly. I want to see Jamo roast him with some double moves this December.