Julian Okwara designated to return to active roster

With Houston out, they could use Okwara. As for Hooker, I don’t see any reason or need to activate him at this point in time.


Agreed. Hooker is a fantastic emergency button should something happen to Goff and Bridgewater. Otherwise, this is an offense built for a veteran QB to run.

Keeping Hooker safely on the IR means he doesn’t take a roster spot that isn’t needed and can’t be stolen away either but is there should something happen to QB1

Here’s the thing…Barnes and Campbell have been playing that rush edge role. And they’ve been doing it quite well.

They are much more in the future plans than J.Okwara. J.Ok would be a good resigning for the Veteran Exemption Contract and if we can keep his bro too on the cheap. Unreal quality depth.

But as far as Playing Time goes. Keep using Campbell and Barnes off the edge rotating in when Cominsky & Hutch slide inside.


I think Hooker needs to come off IR in order to actually practice. If that’s the case, get him on the roster.


It’s a valid point. Although is he going to get any reps? Goff getting all the 1st team reps, Teddy getting all the second team.

3rd string QB’s usually run the scout team, which is the other teams offense. Is running the other teams offense beneficial for Hooker? Not sure on that.

Also, is the knee ready to practice 100%. If he’s ready to rock then you may have a case to activate him.


I don’t know the specifics of being on IR
But keep him redshirted
Let him take the year and soak it all in mentally while he rehabs.

Give his reps to Teddy Gloves
We are win now mode


One thing with Julian if activate him, he will be hurt again in less than 2 weeks. That’s been the story of his 4 year career, even going back to ND, always hurt.


I wouldn’t mind him running the scout team, more reps more reps more reps


So three week window is activated.

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Actually I don’t want him running the scout team. I want him attached at the hip to Bridgewater & QB coach. When Goff is on the field, I want Hooker being taught exactly what Goff is doing during the play, what he is reading, etc.


The way things are going around the league, if they think Hooker is good enough… They could probably get something decent in a trade for Bridgewater… I don’t think it is to that point yet, and I also don’t understand how they can use IR later on… But if they can keep Hooker on IR for a while, and as soon as he is ready to go… Bring him in for practice reps… And maybe they can trade Bridgewater for something very valuable?

Hmm… so who’s spot will he take? One open with Jamo taking it today. That means someone has to be dropped if JK is added

THere was a report last week that there were two spots open, Jmo takes one.

I found this confusing. I think we have only 1 roster spot but Jamo doesn’t count unless we activate him:
Jameson Williams is officially back, although he does not have to count against the roster for another week. If the Lions want to play him against the Panthers this week, they’ll have to officially activate him by Saturday at 4 p.m. ET. Detroit does still have an open roster spot on the 53-man roster if/when Williams is fully activated.

Thus we can choose who to activate when between JOK and Jamo. But if we activated both, I think we’d be over the limit and need to cut one.

Usually more value in getting reps & getting the game speed down in practice than watching someone. He can be taught exactly what Goff was doing during a play, what he is reading etc during film review

The article I read was prior to this announcement, it was in a thread somewhere, discussing it with @stephenboyd57 . I believe it was a jeff Risdon article.

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That is correct. AND they just signed Quinn to the PS. So now that is full too.

Meaning whoever they are planning on dropping is not going to be on the team at all.

My top 3 guesses.
1 RB Knight
2 TE Daniels
3 CB Lucas

My guess would be Knight.

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Thats my guess too.
They know he wont clear waivers. So they signed quinn.