Julio Jones trade 2011

Drop to the 20s if Carter & Anderson are gone
Get an extra 2&4. 1&4 next year
The show goes on!!!


Might want to research who those picks became before selling that as a good idea… :wink:…. am i right @Mr.Peabody ???


Too bad there is no Julio Jones in this draft or someone dumb enough to give that much capital up. Otherwise good idea

This would be the bottom 13 picks (MIA forfeited) in the 1rst round.

  • Which one of the teams (above) are trading up to #6?
  • What player are they trading up for?

Could be Levis or Stroud?

Could be a WR like we did last year?
They are high value pieces in draft now that the contracts skyrocketed.

Could be an edge guy someone falls in love with like Marcus Davenport Saints a few years back?

“Could be __________”

I guess anything is possible, but is it probable that a team trades up that far?

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Chiefs could want an alpha #1 like Jefferson, but that’s too far to drop, IMO.

Ya never know!! It takes 2 to Tango

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The Chiefs traded their ‘alpha’ to Miami…

Chiefs 2022 NFL passing ranks -

  • Passing yards (1rst) - only team with over 5,000 (500 yard difference between 2nd place)
  • Passing TD’s (1rst) - only team with over 40
  • Net yards per pass attempt (1rst)
  • Passes for 1rst downs (1rst) - 272

Would the Chiefs really move up 20+ spots to grab a WR?

It’s a looooong way to drop for the Lions, I would agree. Mike Ditka would have to be on the other end of the line with Brad Holmes. It would take a big offer of picks/players to move down that far.

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I hesitate because I believe we need more high tier talent and less depth talent. Our depth seems to pretty much be here and we need playmakers to get us over the top. Playmakers that eat kneecaps.


I can see a team wanting to trade up to 6 for Quentin Johnson if he is still on the board. Though in that scenario I think it’s just as likely the Lions would take him themselves.


As fans we literally have no clue what teams are going to do and who they covet the most. And I can say “with all due respect” to the fans. Because the fans seem to have a better grasp of value than real life teams. Fans also seem to have a better grasp on the concept of finding good players and building the scheme around what they do, not setting a scheme and overpaying for parts and pieces to make it work.

There is no telling who a team is going to fall in love with or decide is the one puzzle piece that they can’t live without. In 2003 the Jets spent (2) 1st round picks to move up to #4 to take DT Dwayne Robertson. In that same 2003 draft the Saints spent (2) 1st round picks to move up to #6 to take DT Johnathon Sullivan. At DT the Vikings Kevin Williams and the Patriots Ty Warren were both still on the board. You know who else was still on the board? Terrell flipping Suggs. The Dolphins gave up (2) 1sts to get Jaylen Waddle.

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I agree. But trades are always so random and almost never what anyone predicted. So i get bored by mocks with trades. I admit opinions are like assholes and everyone has one. The way i see it is that the mocker almost always shows team bias in the suggested trade. So I rarely take them seriously. It is more fun to me to be as realistic as possible with mock drafts. Anything is possible for sure. But prediction of an actual trade is nearly impossible. I guess it is the probability and statistical analysis of mock draft trades that turn me off.

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