Just amazed!

I don’t need to post this, as it’s been said, about Amon Ra St. Brown.

He’s a complete gamer! I’ve never seen a Lion bust his arse over and over again and deliver the goods. Not even Barry Sanders. Barry was different, he just had incredible skills. ARSB does not have the skills that Barry had. Or even some of the current WR studs in the league. But none work harder than Amon Ra.

9 targets - 8 catches. And honestly I dont remember him dropping a ball Did he?

How do you coach that trait? That’s I’M A BALLER!!!

Props to BH. For drafting a few ballers in the recent past. Jamo running ahead to make blocks. Sewell blocking til the whistle. How do you coach that?


These 2 guys really started the attitude change and rebuild. Complete warriors.

Happy Sport GIF by Detroit Lions


Well, that’s literally their stated philosophy - to acquire non-knuckleheads who LOVE football - so…

He optimizes the quote “be content but never complacent”!! :upside_down_face:

My favorite Tony Dungy quote, “some players have extraordinary talent. The rest of us have to put forth extraordinary effort”.
Saint took that to heart. His parents did a great job with those kids!

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