Just another Mock Draft, but since I like the pick, I will post it here

Oh please, oh please, oh please.

I do think there’s a good chance 4 QB’s go in the top. 4 picks too.

Leaving us the choice between a WR and Parsons.

It’s hard to believe CAR wouldn’t get a QB out of this draft however. I think they trade up to get one.


I feel like that is what it is going to come to as well. I feel like I like Parsons in the 1st and a WR in the 2nd rather than the other way around (WR 1st and LB 2nd). I feel as though the WR class is deeper.

But it is hard to pass on an all star WR and I am not 100 percent sold on Parsons. I am just tired of seeing dismal LB play. Who knows, maybe the new scheme and coaches will totally transform our LB crew. Like I said, our defense is such an unknown at this point.

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I pray this is how the picks fall before the Lions are on the clock. Plenty of choices available.

I agree … I think Parsons and a 2nd round WR is > Than one of the top 3 WR’s and a 2nd round LBer. Even if I have my choice of the top 3 WR’s.

For me I am 100% sold on Parsons as long as the background check comes out good.

I am as well… I also believe stellar LBer play is a must to have a high end DEF. with Goff as my QB I’d prefer a top 5 Defense to support him.

I’m fine with this. Smith is going to be terrific and he’s supposed to be and from a character standpoint he’s supposed to be off the charts.

7 picks and 4 of em were wrong.