Just for fun, who would you take in this match up?

2014 Detroit Lions vs 2021 LA Rams. That Lions team was a pretty good roster , I think it would be a dam good game, Im takin the lions !

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Considering we didn’t win a playoff game, I gotta go with the Rams, who won 4 and the super bowl.

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Does stafford play the whole game and just switch sides for every offensive possession?

Give me the 2014 lions. No I’m not drunk. Yet… :crazy_face:

I guess it wouldn’t be a reach to say Stafford will lead the game winning drive: laughing:


That was a pretty darn good roster, some names I forgot about like Abdul-Quddus and Ihedigbo.

I don’t remember what the injury situation was like for us in that playoff game, but I think they would stand a good chance against the current rams team, especially with Dan Campbell calling plays! Can we do that? Put Dan Campbell as coach of the 2014 lions so we go onside kick to open the game?

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Just so long as they don’t come in contact with each other on the field, i.e. like shake hands after the game.

It would be an interesting matchup. On one side you have Donald vs Simms, raiola and war daddy. On the other you have suh vs Edwards, Allen and Corbett. Jalen Ramsey vs Calvin Johnson. Kupp vs slay.

I think the 2014 lions have a very good chance of winning that game. I love the matchup of Reggie bush vs the rams linebackers. On the other side deandre levy can cover any of the rams backs.

How about if you use those teams but switch the uniforms lol

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Joe Lombardi vs Sean McVie?
Not even close.

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I think who you play matters as much as how good your team is.
The Cardinals were in a late season tailspin when the Rams played them. The Cards lost 4 of the last 5 games. In 2014, when the Lions played the Cowboys, the Cowboys won 6 of their last 7 games.
I’m pretty sure the 2014 Lions could have easily beat the 2021 Cardinals in the Wildcard game.



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The 2021 Detroit Lions beat the 2021 Cardinals. And it wasn’t close.

And that’s why I’d say you can’t choose who to go with because they did or didn’t win a playoff game.

That would be one of those games to simulate on Maddens, if you could, the 2021 Rams vs the 2104 Lions that is.

The team with Aaron Donald wins for sure! The 2014 Lions o-line was very average.

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CJ vs Ramsey would be fun to watch.
Slay vs Kupp as well.

rams. Not close.

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I feel like 2021 Cooper Kupp could run a bunch of annoyingly simple but effective routes like 2015 Keenan Allen and we would be left wondering WTF is going on.

That team was historically stout against the run. But the 2021 Rams didnt need to run. They just gave it lip service.

Golden Tate and Reggie Bush would have loved the 2021 Rams as the matchup. Rob Sims? Not so much. We had a turnstile rotation at RT that would have been our undoing.

2021 Stafford much greater than 2014 Stafford
2021 Rams D showed up in playoffs, 2014 D fell apart in playoffs, took a nose dive in 2nd half of Cowboys game

It wouldn’t be that close

Stafford would be sacked an NFL record number of times in that game for sure!

Almost any other years offense of detroit with stafford added to the 2014 defense would have had a chance… the Lombardi year was his worst ever.

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