Just sit back and take it easy

hey ,no mater how–why and who did or didn’t do what ever—we won—hey it’s a win----just sit back ,relax ,and take a few minutes–and just think holy shit—suppose if we some how beat KC at home–and then GB—holy shit --at that point were king of the mountain


hello and welcome . We cannot “sit back and relax.” because that is Same Ol Lions Way ( SOL) thinking we are out ahead and we can just relax with the lead. I cannot tell you how many times we have done that WITH the lead, only to have our opponents pour on the gas…comeback and beat our @$$3$. probably more times than I can count on both hands and feet.

So now is a time to focus hard on KC and prepare for a tough ass opponent. The Detroit Lions haven’t reached a damn thing yet and you got to stay frosty even in the BYE week. and work on our mistakes and rest the hurt and injured.

KC isn’t a pushover team at all and we have to play a lot better football next week to beat them.

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He’s talking about “us” as fans, Wolf, not the team. Just saying take a sec and enjoy he win as fans

Matt Patricia will lay out the blue print on how to beat the Chiefs. The rest of the league will take note. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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comforts me a whole lot…not*

Yeah, I mean, if we don’t just dominate every game in every aspect winning just isn’t worth it

How could anyone enjoy being 2-0-1 nipping on the Packers heels with a chance to hand them a L when we go at them two games from now after a Bye week

If we don’t dominate every game we might as well go 0-16 no matter how many wins we have


right…but I’m not even worried about the Pack or Vikes…Kansas is primary focus ATM and we will not beat them playing as sloppy as we did today …nearly cost us the Eagles game. that said, They are behind us now and like I said…I’m holding my breath that we can beat The Chiefs.

The only push over team in the league is Miami and that’s because they want to lose.

I agree it is time to enjoy the win. Tuesday we can focus on the Chiefs and what the Lions need to do to get a win.

It might not be pretty, but the Lions have lost a lot of games like this in the past. Today they showed something different, they showed that they do not always shoot themselves in the foot. They showed that they can dig down and do their jobs.

In the end a win is a win. Go Lions

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