Justin Fields trade value estimated by 7 NFL GMs

But even with the four games of uncertainty, the seven general managers all had a ballpark for what they believe Fields would could command in a trade at this point. None of their proposals included any kind of first-round value. We will get into why in a moment. But first, here were the seven suggestions of Fields’ value in draft compensation.

GM one: A second-round and fourth-round pick, pending a “good finish” to the season.

GM two: A second-round pick, pending a “strong finish” to the season.

GM three: A third-round pick, plus another late-round pick that could escalate one round based on performance.

GM four: One third-round pick in the 2024 draft, one fourth-round pick in the 2025 draft.

GM five: A third-round pick or a second-round pick for Fields plus a late-round pick back from the Bears.

GMs six and seven had the same proposal: A third-round pick, pending the finish of this season.

A 3rd and a 5 was what I heard Dane Brugler guess. But that was a few weeks ago. I could see it moving up to a 2. Especially if it’s someone like ATL and it’s pick 51 or whatever.

We want the Bears to trade Fields.

Less capital for them

Plus you have to pay him. Field’s is such a polarizing player. I love parts of his game but then you watch him to try to play within an offense with rhythm and timing and it’s a mess. But then again it’s Chicago and they have never really had any kind of NFL level passing offense.

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Remember pre-season when Fields was an MVP candidate?



I find that to be true of Jalen Hurts as well.

He’s only got one year left on his deal, but his value might be greater in trade if the Bears exercise fhe 5th year option before trading him. We know it’s possible because the Lions traded Hock after exercising it.

Here’s an OTC chart which includes the Lions own Penei Sewell:

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Chicken sandwich, guac added pending improvement by the end of the season.


I wouldn’t give one small well-wrapped package of dog chit for Justin Fields .

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Images bears fan’s reaction if they trade fields and their new quarterback ends up being worse. :rofl:

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Hurts wins so much it’s hard for me to find flaws in his game. Hurts also is playing on a much better team talent and coaching wise imo as well.

Next time you watch the Eagles just focus on him in the pocket. Clean pocket. QB101 would be to slowly hop further into the pocket. Instead he maintains his depth so he can escape outside the flanks and make a secondary action play. That is also how Fields prefers to play.

And I don’t inherently have a problem with QB’ing in an untraditional fashion. It just requires the right kind of OC. Getsy isn’t that. I’m not sure Brian Johnson is either. Steichen definitely was.


IMO…He would do great in Detroit. We have weapons and an OLine that can protect for more than 3 seconds. He can run…And he has the requisite arm talent to get it to Jamo and Leif when they’re open deep.
But none of that matters if Hendon proves to be who I anticipate him to be.

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There is no way the Bears will trade him inside the division. My read on the situation is that the believe in Fields but if a QB prospect checks all the boxes the allure of resetting the QB salary clock will be too tempting to pass up.

But I agree that Fields would do well here with Ben. Hard to say without knowing who the next OC is.


I agree on all fronts. I say, we all wait until we know who the next OC is. But, Engstrand is next in line, on staff. He’s the passing game coordinator. He should tell us what he wants in a QB.

If I’m DaBoll and the Giants I’m very aggressive in my pursuit of Fields. He fits the Josh Allen profile. His arm strength will cut through those nasty meadowlands winds. His deep throwing would unlock Hyatt’s potential. And his zone read exploits would level up Saquon.

And most importantly he’s the perfect way out of the horrendous Daniel Jones contract. You’d be 6m worse off financially in 2024 and then with his fifth year and the savings from cutting Jones you offset the dead money in 2025.

They have the Seahawks 2nd.

I think the Giants, the Falcons and maybe the Steeler will be very into Fields. If he becomes available.


Sounds like a bunch GMs hoping to trade for a QB. LOL


Do we though?

Falcons and Steelers make sense to me. Especially Falcons w/ how wide-open the South is. But the Giants have :pinched_fingers: now. They may want to see what they’ve got there a little longer.

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Yeah. I’m going to be so sad when our DeVito mafia joke are no more.

I want the Bear to keep Fields. I just won’t think he will ever be a top 5 QB, and will probably be a better fantasy QB than real life QB for the rest of his career.

What I don’t want is the Bears drafting A Caleb Williams and he reaches his potential. That’s a top 5 QB in the division for the next 5-7 years.

It’s why the best thing the Vikings did this year was try to win after Cousins went down. Now they are a fringe playoff team with no QB. Had they tanked, gotten a top 5 pick and hit on a top QB they would be a very complete team with a QB on a rookie contract… no thanks