Juwan Howard fired

May still have open scholarships.
I’m not familiar enough with all the portal rules and transfer rules when a coach leaves and impact on players.

If portal was back in the day uofm would be in big trouble. Players transfer a ton just like football, shouldn’t be hard to fill it up to at least 10 players.

So far

All gone with two incoming freshman.

So college hoops recruiting is basically just doing real life mock drafts over and over on autodraft and hoping the one you end up with doesnt suck.


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Reed gone now too.

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Looks like Dusty May (FAU) replacing Howard. No idea if this is a good hire or not.


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I think it’s a homerun.

I doubt we could do any better than this.

No idea, supposedly he was the hot name this hiring season and rumored to be a Louisville lean.

In 24 seasons before May took over at FAU, they had 5 seasons in which they were over .500

In 6 seasons with May, they were over .500 every year, with 2 dance invites and a final 4 appearance.

There were several big name schools trying to land him, and honestly, I’m surprised we got him. Warde Manuel deserves some props for this hire. He went after him really hard, and got it done.

Dusty Rhodes - The American Dream

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I’ve read the same articles. TBD.

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Ono to the rescue again?



So you are skeptical?

Not sure that I would describe it as skeptical, just an unknown for me.
I will wait and see what happens to the roster and next season.

I like the fact Beilein identified him prior to the firing and that Beilein was involved in the hire.

What I really like, with regards to the football and basketball hires, is the university seems to putting the dollars to support the programs. Paying Wink 2.5m as a DC then paying the new bball coach 6m, seems to be a difference in philosophy with these two examples.

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So, this was an encouraging read by those not related to UM or the UM beat.

What They’re Saying: College basketball experts grade Michigan’s hire of Dusty May

Well, to this point, not a single minute played, I have been impressed with what he has done.
The assistant’s he is hiring are impressive.

I just realized that was my fourth post, well, now fifth.
Thank you @Nate