Juwan Howard Head Coach

A lot of sizzle, but very little steak.

Hope I am wrong and Juwan can use his college/pro cred to attract guys who might not even know who he is. Would have preferred someone with college head coaching experience, but it seemed like those guys were underwhelming or turning them down.

Personally, its a good fit. Read he’s done well as an asst. He has the “Michigan” man personna, and seems to be a players coach. Now his first HC position and thats a learning curve.

Time will tell…Dammit, Beilien !:cry:

Curious how an interview for this position would go. Is it all talk or is there a challenge, like presenting in game simulations and what do you do in this scenario.

Also, what kind of offense and defense is he going to run. Any hold over coaches from Beilein staying on the staff?

Warde Manual, nice guy, I have actually met him in the West Quad dormitory. One of those guys everyone likes.
Howard has plusses and minuses. Among his plusses, Michigan Man, lots of savvy experience. Could become a plus recruiter.
Minuses, and this is a big one, head coaching experience. That means, he’s never done the job he’s going to do.
I like the guys involved. I like and hate the hire.

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This thread keeps popping up once I clear new threads, so why not.

Looking back at Howard’s first year I would say he did very well, considering no head coaching experience plus no NCAA experience; all the rules etc that he didn’t have as an asst coach in the NBA.

Came in late managed to hang on to Wagner, which played a signifant role in UM’s year.
Brought in Martelli, helping him navigate his first year and the NCAA
Showed he can recruit, can he keep it up?
Still waiting to see what a Howard offense will look like as he brings in “his players” vs Beileins.
With Castleton transferring and Davis staying with Hunter D coming what type of ctr does JH prefer? Traditional big man or one more like Moe Wagner?
Please with ingame coaching for most part.

Overall good first year probably give him a B+ if not higher.

Yeah. His start out in the Bahamas was a bit of fools gold. Then he had some real clunkers in Big Ten play. Then it seemed like they righted the ship, before struggling at the end. I had them as just inside the bubble before the season started and I think they would have snuck in as a 7 or 8 seed in the dance. About where I figured.

My grade would be a B, because he was behind the 8 ball when he took over and got the kids to play together pretty well. A college hoops coach doesn’t really get his roster in place for 3 years, so hopefully the best is yet to come.

Many, if not most, of the clunkers came when Livers was injured. Fact he got the team to stay together through Liver’s injury timeline and still play hard says a lot for him.

But overall agree, excited to see what he can do moving forward.

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I’ll give him solid “A”. Hired late (May) and lost three starters. Couple that with the afore mentioned no HC experience. Finishing .500 in the toughest conference in the land. Also revving up recruitment to a top tier destination.

Looking forward to year two.

Very true. It was nice to see Johns really improve in Livers’ absence too. Right now, I just wished DeJulius stuck around. The roster would be pretty sweet. They will still be decent, but they are a bit thin and green at the 2.

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Howard at #3.

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Good day for UM Basketball

He reminds me of Jayson Tatum

Cannot what for the season to start!


Matt at mgoblog scouted him as recently as the last three weeks and posted this review on 10/29.

Competition Level: 2021 Pepperdine commit Carson Basham (Sunnyslope HS) and 2021 Providence commit Legend Geeter (Coronado HS)

Stock Status: Up

Evaluation: When I last viewed 2021 Moussa Diabate at the DC Hoopfest in December 2019, he was essentially a 5-star athlete with a good motor. Fast forward nearly a year and he’s made significant strides with his skillset that make him one of the very best prospects in America.

Diabate was the best big at the event, which included #1 overall Chet Holmgren (more below) and 5star Oregon commit Nate Bittle. As I mentioned above, he displayed outstanding athleticism with a great physical profile. He measured in at 6.8’5 with a 7’1 wingspan…as a freshman at the 2018 Nike Elite 100. He’s likely in the 6’10 range now and around 200 pounds. Moussa moves extremely well laterally, and was comfortable switching on the perimeter to defend guards for a few dribbles. His size, length and athleticism all stood out as he high-pointed rebounds in traffic. Diabate blocked shots as a helpside rim protector and closing out on shooters as well.

While his natural physical gifts are unquestionably great, the improved perimeter skill from Moussa had everyone buzzing. Diabate looked really good shooting the ball from the perimeter, knocking down multiple triples with good elevation and nice form. The biggest development was undoubtedly his ability to create shots off the bounce from the wing. The play starting at roughly the :12 second mark is absolutely insane for a 6’10 HS prospect. Moussa blows-by 2022 AJ Storr (Offers from Virginia Tech, Ole Miss and a multiple mid-majors), attacks the paint and delivers a precision shovel pass to a teammate in a tight window while being surrounded by 4 defenders. His passing/playmaking was approaching guard level off the bounce and in stationary positions all weekend long.

Diabate still put his superior athleticism to good use. On the first possession in the clip above, he absolutely blew by a defender from the wing before hammering down an impressive dunk. He also caught lobs and finished in traffic on dumpoffs and rebounds. His hands are great as well, as he caught everything tossed his way in traffic or not. A play that really stood out to me that may not necessarily mean anything to the casual eye commenced at the :48 second mark. 2022 Jaden Bradley delivers the ball to a sprinting Moussa, who catches the ball just inside the free throw line with a defender waiting to take a charge. He changes direction on the drop of a dime, avoids the offensive foul and lays the ball in with soft touch. That level of body control and quick twitch ability in tight spaces is what makes him a special prospect because it cannot be taught.

There is no question in my mind that Diabate is very undervalued by the mainstreams at #20 by 247 and #29 by Rivals. He’s a no-brainer 5-star that should be a top 10ish prospect. Moussa is my number one choice for a big in 2021, over Holmgren, Reid and Bediako. He’s the prototype big in modern basketball that can play either the PF or C position and is compatible with any lineup combination. He’s going to be an instant impact player at the collegiate level and will likely be in the NBA sooner rather than later.

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Howard will have a tough time shuffling around a very deep team. A nice problem to have.

Happy National Signing Day!!!

It’s been written that UM has the #1 rated class. What surprised me is that MSU is #2 by some.

Appears 5 LOI coming in today and one on Friday for UM.
Tschetter, Houstan, and Diabate already in.

Well, it’s a good thing we should have some fun basketball games to watch in MI, because both our football teams look like they’ll be shit for quite a while.

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Great class by UofM. Msu average per player is higher then UofM but with them getting 6 players to 3 that’s the key reason UofM is number one.