JWill postgame interview

Most prob saw this, but I had to post it here for posterity…freakin love Jamal, he IS the BNL, DONT PLAY WITH THE LIONS!


That was one of the best postgame interviews I have ever seen. There aren’t many guys who can pivot from honoring a dead relative to telling the media to get bent without feeling fake. Like I said in the game thread, Jamaal is a real one. I’ll be really sad if this was his last game in blue and silver. If it was though, what a way to go out.


They need to resign him, he’s a glue player…and I would think he wants to be here. Obvioiusly they cant break the bank, but 3 years for $15 mill should work.


For those who want to point to the 17th game and shit on Jamaals accomplishment. Think again!
Barry was THE feature back. He had over 100 more carries in his 16 TD season than Jamaal had this season.
Jamaal got 17 with 100+ fewer carries!
Look it up!


Right. But…we put in Tommy Vardell at the goal line instead of Barry. Or whomever. Barry was never our goal line back. Jwill was/is.

How many carries did Vardel get? As many as Swift and Jackson?
Not that I care. I knew there would be “fans” trying to take away from JWill. You confirmed that. I’m not willing to argue.

Resign this man

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Not trying to take away anything from JWill. Sorry if you thought that, man, I was just trying to point out that its not only snaps/carries, its how they’re used. Peace, bro, we are all happy for all the accomplishments --team and individual – this team made.

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