Yes please!

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I will no longer watch the last lion’s if they do.

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First dibs on your seasons tickets?

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100% yes.


Better show interest, don’t wanna give the media any hate ammo.

In the end we need a cheap backup that can give us a few years. Driskel has a good shot here. Not sure what Kaps contract expectations are. Will he backup for minimum? Unlikely… And he’ll still have the media circus following him…

But hey it’s the NFL, it’s rigged right down to player signings… We miss playoffs then we’re #1 for Hard Knocks and what better guy for ratings beyond Lions fans than this guy? No thanks!

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If Quinn thought it was a good idea to play quarterback carousel this year and bring in like 2 dozen QBs to cycle thru the team, then it would make sense to take a peek at CK. I still don’t think it would happen in a million years, but any good GM who needs QB depth should pursue every possible avenue.


Seeing as I think we have a tackling dummy as a backup QB at this point, I sure hope we’d take a look.


Politics aside, for entertainment purposes and potentially team success, I think it would be awesome if we signed him and started him for like the last 4 games. If we did sign him, you have a few scenarios.

Worst case scenario - He plays like garbage and loses every game and our draft picks rise in each round. Not so bad.

Most likely case - He’s the emergency QB and doesn’t see the field. Walks away at the end of the year. No harm done.

Best case scenario - He gets a few starts and looks like he did when he was successful. You have either a legit backup for the first time in a million years or you sign him for another year or 2 and entertain trade offers.

I swear, if he actually played well in a couple games, all of a sudden half the teams in the NFL would be looking to sign him. The only issue right now is, who is the first team to give in to the blackballing?

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A total sham. Not Kaep himself but the baggage he carries is unstable dynomite. The NFL arranged this tryout just to shut up his camp. A final showdown, per se.

Put up or shut up this Sat, Kaep.

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We will need a backup to Driskel if Matt is IRd… if Kap can handle that fine

I agree with the way this has been set up, but I can’t agree with you on the “dynamite” thing. It’s not like he’s Antonio Brown, Aaron Hernandez, Dez Bryant, Terrell Owens, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Kareem Hunt, Ben Roethlisburger, etc. Those guys are all trash off the field, distractions in the locker room and straight up garbage human beings. CK pushed his agenda too far and got blackballed for it. There are probably 100 worse people playing in the NFL this weekend, a handful of them for our very own Lions, I would imagine. Our own coach got accused of much worse in fact.

But we have David Blows and had David epic Fales. Lol. I agree, kick the tires. There’s really no risk other than some fake patriots booing or fake boycotting for a week or two.

The Pats are continually signing guys on parole and we are afraid to take a guy because he knelt for a song.

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Your opinion - that wasn’t just a songto me

But each thier own to which we wallow in

Fuck kap. He’s a piece of shit. I can not believe up guys want a headache.

I agree that there are far worse culprits in NFL. Sad as it is, it’s the political powderkeg that’s attached to it. NFL already lost their ass to this case, why go back for seconds?

I generally like you as a poster, but I don’t get your outrage with this. I personally watch sports for the entertainment and root for my local teams knowing that there are a lot of bad eggs on every team I root for. I don’t watch sports for each player’s personal opinion on every hot button topic, nor do I stop watching the Tigers because Cabrera has always been a real POS off the field. Like much worse than anything we know about CK.

When this was a big story a few years ago, I was more pissed of the coverage than I was with players taking a knee. It happened on pretty much every team in the NFL and college and even quite a few high schools. Just stop filming it and giving it attention.

We used to laugh when a streaker went on the field. Now when it happens, the delay in coverage gives them the ability to dump it so it doesn’t make it to our TV’s. Just do the same thing here and everyone’s butthurt would go away.

Not sure the NFL’s angle here, but they have done so much self imposed damage over the past decade that they may be trying to look more open minded or something.

Not to mention, this probably ranks at about a 3 out of 100 of the worst things NFL players do on a daily basis. Maybe they are trying to hedge their bet knowing that much worse stuff than this will happen in the future and that they look really stupid for blackballing someone for this, while giving a guy who knocked out his wife on camera a 2 game suspension, or a guy who lacerated his 3 year olds nut sack, a slap on the wrist. They look terribly hypocritical at every turn lately.

I have a issue with people taken a knee on our flag. I lost a best friend a cousin, and a close friend fighting for us. This is a personal thing for me. Dude is a a prick, he didn’t start taken a knee till he got bench, and sued the NFL. Well fuck him.

Plus when’s the last time he was in NFL?

I had the same opinion at one point, to be honest. It was like a child getting caught in a lie, then they kept lying and digging themselves deeper. Overall, I still think it was harmless. Perhaps thoughtless, but harmless.

Most of us have probably lost friends and family, and while it might seem unpatriotic or a slam on troops to some, I still don’t think doing karaoke to Lee Greenwood, flying a flag at your home or standing for the National Anthem makes you a better person or citizen or American, but that’s just me. 15 years ago I probably would be speaking differently, but I’ve seen a lot more scum and disturbing acts from people who claim to be patriots than I care to speak about. The knee thing doesn’t make my blood boil anymore. Much bigger fish to fry.